Ya Sin 41-54, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-443)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-443
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Ya Sin: 36/Ya Sin-41, 36/Ya Sin-42, 36/Ya Sin-43, 36/Ya Sin-44, 36/Ya Sin-45, 36/Ya Sin-46, 36/Ya Sin-47, 36/Ya Sin-48, 36/Ya Sin-49, 36/Ya Sin-50, 36/Ya Sin-51, 36/Ya Sin-52, 36/Ya Sin-53, 36/Ya Sin-54, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-443, Ya Sin 41-54
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36/Ya Sin-41: And a Sign for them is that We bear their offspring in laden ships.
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36/Ya Sin-42: And We have created for them of the similar (vessels) thereof, on which they ride.
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36/Ya Sin-43: And if We will, We drown them, and there is no help for them, neither can they be saved.
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36/Ya Sin-44: Except a mercy from Us, and a provision till a determined time.
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36/Ya Sin-45: And it was said to them: “Beware of that which is before you and that which is behind you, that you may be given mercy”.
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36/Ya Sin-46: Never comes a Verse of the Verses of their Lord to them but some did not turn away from it.
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36/Ya Sin-47: And when it is said to them; “Spend of that which Allah has provided you with”, those who disbelieve say to those who believe (who are âmenû); “Shall we feed him whom, if Allah willed, He would have fed? You are only in a plain Misguidance”.
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36/Ya Sin-48: And they say, “When will this promise be if you are truthful”?
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36/Ya Sin-49: They await but one Shout (a terrible sound wave) which will seize them while they argue with one another.
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36/Ya Sin-50: So they shall not be able to make a bequest, nor can they return to their families.
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36/Ya Sin-51: And the Trumpet is blown. Then from their graves they come out quickly (fly, rise up) to their Lord.
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36/Ya Sin-52: They said: “Woe to us! Who has raised us from our graves? This is what the Most-Beneficent promised and the Messengers had told the truth”.
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36/Ya Sin-53: Only one Shout (a terrible sound-wave). Then they are all to be present in Our Presence.
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36/Ya Sin-54: So this Day (no) one is wronged with (any) thing or are you punished with anything except that which you used to do.
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