As-Saffat 127-153, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-451)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-451
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As-Saffat: 37/As-Saffat-127, 37/As-Saffat-128, 37/As-Saffat-129, 37/As-Saffat-130, 37/As-Saffat-131, 37/As-Saffat-132, 37/As-Saffat-133, 37/As-Saffat-134, 37/As-Saffat-135, 37/As-Saffat-136, 37/As-Saffat-137, 37/As-Saffat-138, 37/As-Saffat-139, 37/As-Saffat-140, 37/As-Saffat-141, 37/As-Saffat-142, 37/As-Saffat-143, 37/As-Saffat-144, 37/As-Saffat-145, 37/As-Saffat-146, 37/As-Saffat-147, 37/As-Saffat-148, 37/As-Saffat-149, 37/As-Saffat-150, 37/As-Saffat-151, 37/As-Saffat-152, 37/As-Saffat-153, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-451, As-Saffat 127-153
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37/As-Saffat-127: But they belied him (Elias). Therefore they certainly shall be made to be present (in Hell) for sure.
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37/As-Saffat-128: Except the Muhlasîn (the utterly pure) servants of Allah.
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37/As-Saffat-129: And We left for him (an honorable remembrance) among the later generations.
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37/As-Saffat-130: Peace be upon Iliyâs (Elias).
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37/As-Saffat-131: Thus do We reward the Muhsinîn (good-doers).
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37/As-Saffat-132: Surely he is one of Our believing servants (who have earned all the ranks by wishing to reach Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-133: And Lût (Lot) is truly one of those sent (Messengers).
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37/As-Saffat-134: We delivered him and his household altogether.
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37/As-Saffat-135: Except an old woman who remained behind.
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37/As-Saffat-136: Then We destroyed (exterminated) the others.
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37/As-Saffat-137: And most surely you stop by them in the morning.
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37/As-Saffat-138: And at night too. Do you still not then use your intelligence?
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37/As-Saffat-139: And Yûnus (Jonah) is one of those sent (Messengers).
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37/As-Saffat-140: He had run away to (in) a laden ship.
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37/As-Saffat-141: And then he cast lots, and he was of those who lost.
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37/As-Saffat-142: So a fish swallowed him (Jonah). He was blameworthy (he was blaming himself).
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37/As-Saffat-143: Had he not been of them who glorified.
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37/As-Saffat-144: He would certainly have remained inside its (the fish’s) belly till the Day of Resurrection.
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37/As-Saffat-145: Upon that We cast him on to a vacant surface of the earth (on a naked shore) while he was exhausted.
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37/As-Saffat-146: And we caused a plant of gourd to grow above him (to create a shadow).
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37/As-Saffat-147: And We sent him to a hundred thousand (people) or even more (as a Messenger).
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37/As-Saffat-148: So they believed (became âmenû, wished to reach Allah while they were alive). So We gave them provision till a time.
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37/As-Saffat-149: Go ahead, ask them an explanation: “Whether your Lord has daughters and they have sons”?
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37/As-Saffat-150: Or did We create the angels as females while they were witnesses?
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37/As-Saffat-151: Now surely it is of their own lie that they say (certain things).
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37/As-Saffat-152: “Allah has begotten”. Most surely they are indeed liars.
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37/As-Saffat-153: Has (Allah) chosen daughters in preference to sons?
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