As-Saffat 154-182, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-452)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-452
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As-Saffat: 37/As-Saffat-154, 37/As-Saffat-155, 37/As-Saffat-156, 37/As-Saffat-157, 37/As-Saffat-158, 37/As-Saffat-159, 37/As-Saffat-160, 37/As-Saffat-161, 37/As-Saffat-162, 37/As-Saffat-163, 37/As-Saffat-164, 37/As-Saffat-165, 37/As-Saffat-166, 37/As-Saffat-167, 37/As-Saffat-168, 37/As-Saffat-169, 37/As-Saffat-170, 37/As-Saffat-171, 37/As-Saffat-172, 37/As-Saffat-173, 37/As-Saffat-174, 37/As-Saffat-175, 37/As-Saffat-176, 37/As-Saffat-177, 37/As-Saffat-178, 37/As-Saffat-179, 37/As-Saffat-180, 37/As-Saffat-181, 37/As-Saffat-182, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-452, As-Saffat 154-182
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37/As-Saffat-154: What is the matter with you? How do you judge (like this)?
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37/As-Saffat-155: Will you not then deliberate?
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37/As-Saffat-156: Or do you have a plain authority (proof)?
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37/As-Saffat-157: Then bring your Book, if you are truthful.
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37/As-Saffat-158: And they have made up (invented) a kinship between Allah and the jinn, and certainly the jinn did know that they would be made to be present (in Hell)
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37/As-Saffat-159: Glory be to Allah! He is free from what they describe (from their conjecture).
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37/As-Saffat-160: Except Muhlasîn (the utterly pure) servants of Allah.
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37/As-Saffat-161: After this surely you and what you worship.
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37/As-Saffat-162: You cannot cause anyone to fall into mischief against Him (Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-163: Except those who will go to Hell.
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37/As-Saffat-164: And there is none from us but has a known rank.
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37/As-Saffat-165: And most surely we are the ones who stand in rows (in the Presence of Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-166: And we are most surely the ones who glorify (Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-167: And surely they only used to say:
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37/As-Saffat-168: “If only we had with us a Reminder (a Book) like the one given to the ones before us”.
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37/As-Saffat-169: (Then) we would certainly have been the Muhlasîn (the utterly pure) servants of Allah.
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37/As-Saffat-170: Regardless of this, they disbelieved in it (in the Reminder, the Qur’ân). But they will come to know soon.
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37/As-Saffat-171: And certainly Our Word has already gone forth for Our servants sent (they were promised).
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37/As-Saffat-172: Most surely they are the ones who will be assisted.
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37/As-Saffat-173: And most surely Our armies shall be the victorious ones.
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37/As-Saffat-174: Therefore turn away from them till a time.
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37/As-Saffat-175: And watch them! Soon they too shall see.
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37/As-Saffat-176: Do they still want Us to hasten Our torment?
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37/As-Saffat-177: When it (the torment) shall descend in their court, evil shall then be the morning of the warned ones.
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37/As-Saffat-178: And turn away from them till a time.
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37/As-Saffat-179: And watch! Soon they shall see as well.
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37/As-Saffat-180: Your Lord, the Most Powerful, the Most Glorified is free of what they ascribe.
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37/As-Saffat-181: And peace be on those sent Messengers!
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37/As-Saffat-182: And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!
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