Ghafir 78-85, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-24, Page-476)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-24 » Page-476
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Ghafir: 40/Ghafir-78, 40/Ghafir-79, 40/Ghafir-80, 40/Ghafir-81, 40/Ghafir-82, 40/Ghafir-83, 40/Ghafir-84, 40/Ghafir-85, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-24, Page-476, Ghafir 78-85
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40/Ghafir-78: And certainly We sent Messengers before you (too). Some of them We have related to you their story and some We have not related to you their story. It is not fit for a Messenger that he should bring a Verse except with Allah's Permission. When the Command of Allah comes, the judgment is given with truth. And those who followed the falsehood then incurred Loss (Husrân).
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40/Ghafir-79: Allah is He Who created animals for you that ‘you may ride on some of them, and some of them you eat’.
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40/Ghafir-80: And there are benefits for you in them (animals), and that you may attain (the place that you will go) thereon a wish which is in your hearts. Upon them (animals) and upon the ships you are carried.
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40/Ghafir-81: And (Allah) shows you His Signs. Then which of Allah's Verses are you denying?
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40/Ghafir-82: Have they not then travelled in the earth? They should see how was the end of those before them? They were more numerous and stronger in might and in the works of art in the land, but what they used to earn did not avail them in anything.
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40/Ghafir-83: When their Messenger came to them with the clear proofs, they exulted in what they had with them of knowledge. And what they used to mock surrounded them.
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40/Ghafir-84: When they saw Our severe punishment, they said: “We believed in Allah and His Oneness and we denied what we used to associate with Him (as His partners)”.
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40/Ghafir-85: But their belief did not profit them when they had seen Our severe punishment. This is Allah's standing Practice (Law), in dealing with His servants. There the disbelievers incurred Loss (Husrân).
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