Ghafir 17-25, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-24, Page-469)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-24 » Page-469
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Ghafir: 40/Ghafir-17, 40/Ghafir-18, 40/Ghafir-19, 40/Ghafir-20, 40/Ghafir-21, 40/Ghafir-22, 40/Ghafir-23, 40/Ghafir-24, 40/Ghafir-25, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-24, Page-469, Ghafir 17-25
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40/Ghafir-17: This Day every soul is punished or rewarded for what it has earned. This Day, there is no injustice. Surely Allah is Swift in reckoning.
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40/Ghafir-18: And warn them of the Day (Doomsday) that draws near. Then the hearts rise up to the throats in terror. There is no compassionate friend or an intercessor for the wrong-doers whose intersession should be accepted.
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40/Ghafir-19: (Allah) knows the treachery of the eyes and that which the bosoms conceal.
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40/Ghafir-20: And Allah judges with the truth. Those whom they called upon besides Him cannot judge anything. Surely Allah; He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.
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40/Ghafir-21: Have they not travelled in the earth and seen how was the end of those who were before them? They are superior to them in strength and in the works of art in the land. But Allah seized (killed) them for their sins, and there was none to save them from Allah.
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40/Ghafir-22: This is because there came to them their Messengers with the clear signs, but they disbelieved (in them). So Allah seized them. Verily He is All-Strong, severe in punishment.
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40/Ghafir-23: And certainly We sent Moses with Our Verses and clear Sultan (proof, miracle, and Book).
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40/Ghafir-24: (We sent) to Pharaoh and Hâmân and Korah (Qârûn) but they said: “A belying magician”.
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40/Ghafir-25: So when he came to them with truth from Our Presence, they said: “(Slay) kill the sons of those who believe (who are Amenû) along with them and keep their women alive”! The plot of the disbelievers is nothing but Misguidance!
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