An-Nahl 88-93, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-14, Page-277)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-14 » Page-277
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An-Nahl: 16/An-Nahl-88, 16/An-Nahl-89, 16/An-Nahl-90, 16/An-Nahl-91, 16/An-Nahl-92, 16/An-Nahl-93, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-14, Page-277, An-Nahl 88-93
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16/An-Nahl-88: As for those who deny (disbelieve) and hinder from the Way of Allah, We added torment upon torment because of the mischief they caused.
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16/An-Nahl-89: And on that Day, We commission in every nation a witness against them from amongst themselves and brought you as a witness upon them. And We have sent down to you the Book that is explaining clearly everything and delivering to Hidayet and being a Mercy for the Muslims (those who are submitted to Allah) as glad tidings.
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16/An-Nahl-90: Surely Allah enjoins being just and doing of good (“ihsan”, kindness) and giving to the kindred. And He forbids indecency and evil (what Allah prohibits) and exacerbate (oppression). He admonishes you that you may take heed.
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16/An-Nahl-91: And fulfill the covenant of Allah (in regards to submitting your spirit, physical body soul and free will to Allah) when you have covenanted. Do not break the oaths (do not fall into Misguidance after you have had your spirit reach Allah and you have purified your soul’s heart) after making them stronger (after having attained Hidayet and having purified your soul’s heart). And you had indeed made Allah a Surrogate for you (Allah had fulfilled His Word, His guarantee by delivering you to Hidayet through having your spirit reach Himself). Surely Allah knows what you do.
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16/An-Nahl-92: And be not like the woman who unravels her yarn, disintegrating it into pieces after she has spun it strongly (be not like the person who has fallen into Misguidance after reaching Hidayet). You make your oaths to be means of deceit between you relying on the fact that one nation (regards to their vows, covenants and promises as non-existent) is more numerous than another nation (that fulfils them). Allah only tries you by this (fulfilling your oaths). And He will most certainly make clear (explain) to you on the Day of Resurrection that about which you differed (about reaching Hidayet and about having the spirit reach Allah before death).
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16/An-Nahl-93: And if Allah had willed, He would have made you one nation. But He leaves in Misguidance whom He wills (as all people are in Misguidance from birth and Allah does not cause them to reach Himself if they do not wish to reach Him) and He causes to have Hidayet whom He wills (according to His Word, and guarantee). And most certainly you will be questioned as to what you did.
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