Al-Hijr 16-31, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-14, Page-263)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-14 » Page-263
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Al-Hijr: 15/Al-Hijr-16, 15/Al-Hijr-17, 15/Al-Hijr-18, 15/Al-Hijr-19, 15/Al-Hijr-20, 15/Al-Hijr-21, 15/Al-Hijr-22, 15/Al-Hijr-23, 15/Al-Hijr-24, 15/Al-Hijr-25, 15/Al-Hijr-26, 15/Al-Hijr-27, 15/Al-Hijr-28, 15/Al-Hijr-29, 15/Al-Hijr-30, 15/Al-Hijr-31, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-14, Page-263, Al-Hijr 16-31
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15/Al-Hijr-16: And We have placed within the heaven great stars and have beautified it for the observers.
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15/Al-Hijr-17: And We have guarded it from every stoned (outcast) Satan.
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15/Al-Hijr-18: Yet whoever listened by stealth (tried to steal the information of the Unseen), then a visible flaming fire pursued him.
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15/Al-Hijr-19: And the earth; We have spread it out, and made in it big mountains and caused to grow in it of every well-proportioned vegetation.
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15/Al-Hijr-20: And We have made in it means of subsistence for you and for those for whom you are not the suppliers.
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15/Al-Hijr-21: And there is not a thing but with Us are the treasures of it. We do send it down but in a known destiny (in a known foreordained measure).
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15/Al-Hijr-22: And We sent the winds loaded (with water). So We sent down water from the sky, and watered you with it. And it is not you who are the creators of its treasures (the seas, the rivers, the underground and ground spring waters, the lakes).
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15/Al-Hijr-23: And certainly, We! Only We give life. And We cause death. And We are the Inheritors.
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15/Al-Hijr-24: And certainly We know those who have gone before you. And We certainly know those who shall come after you as well.
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15/Al-Hijr-25: And surely your Lord, He gathers them together (in His presence). Surely, He is All-Wise, All-Knowing.
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15/Al-Hijr-26: And certainly We created human from (Hamein Mesnûn Salsâlin) dried clay of altered mud (from clay that has undergone an organic transformation and has been given a standard shape of a human being).
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15/Al-Hijr-27: And the jinn; We created earlier from intensely hot fire (Semûm).
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15/Al-Hijr-28: And your Lord had said to the angels: “Surely I am going to create from (Hamein Mesnûn Salsâlin) dried clay of altered mud (from clay that has undergone an organic transformation and has been given a standard shape of a human being) a mortal (human being).”
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15/Al-Hijr-29: So when I have made him complete and breathed into him of My Spirit, immediately fall down prostrating yourselves before him!
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15/Al-Hijr-30: So the angels prostrated themselves altogether.
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15/Al-Hijr-31: Except Iblîs (Satan). (He) refused to be with the ones who prostrated.
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