Ash-Shura 16-22, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-25, Page-485)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-25 » Page-485
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Ash-Shura: 42/Ash-Shura-16, 42/Ash-Shura-17, 42/Ash-Shura-18, 42/Ash-Shura-19, 42/Ash-Shura-20, 42/Ash-Shura-21, 42/Ash-Shura-22, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-25, Page-485, Ash-Shura 16-22
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42/Ash-Shura-16: Those who argue about Allah after the call (invitation of Allah) has been answered, their argument (proof) is null (useless) in the presence of their Lord. Upon them is Wrath (of Allah), and for them is a severe torment.
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42/Ash-Shura-17: Allah sent down the Book and the Scale (Al Mizan) with truth, and you cannot comprehend (know). Perhaps that Hour is very near.
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42/Ash-Shura-18: Those who do not believe in it (the Doomsday) would hasten it on. Yet those who believe (who are âmenû) are in fear from it, and they know that it is the truth. Most surely those who are doubtful and struggle concerning the Hour (Doomsday) are truly in remote Misguidance, are they not?
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42/Ash-Shura-19: Allah is Gracious to His servants. He gives sustenance to whom He wills and He is the All-Strong, the All-Mighty (the All-Honorable).
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42/Ash-Shura-20: Whoever desires the harvest (the gain) of the Hereafter, We increase his gain. Whosoever desires the harvest of this world, We give him of it, and in the Hereafter he has no portion.
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42/Ash-Shura-21: Or do they have associates who have instituted for them a Law (Sharia) in the Religion that which Allah has not allowed? And had it not been for a Word of separation was not mentioned, the matter would have certainly been judged between them (immediately). And surely for the wrong- doers there is a painful torment.
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42/Ash-Shura-22: You see the wrong-doers fearing on account of what they have earned, and what they are afraid of will surely befall them. And those who believe (who wish to reach Allah before death) and do righteous deeds (the soul’s cleansing) are in the Gardens of heaven. They have everything they desire in the presence of their Lord. That is the supreme Virtue.
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