Ash-Shura 32-44, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-25, Page-487)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-25 » Page-487
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Ash-Shura: 42/Ash-Shura-32, 42/Ash-Shura-33, 42/Ash-Shura-34, 42/Ash-Shura-35, 42/Ash-Shura-36, 42/Ash-Shura-37, 42/Ash-Shura-38, 42/Ash-Shura-39, 42/Ash-Shura-40, 42/Ash-Shura-41, 42/Ash-Shura-42, 42/Ash-Shura-43, 42/Ash-Shura-44, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-25, Page-487, Ash-Shura 32-44
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42/Ash-Shura-32: And from among His Signs are the ships in the sea that swim like mountains.
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42/Ash-Shura-33: If He wills, He causes the wind to halt. Then (the ships) lie motionless on it. Most surely there are Signs in this for every very patient, grateful one.
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42/Ash-Shura-34: Or He drags them to perdition for what they have earned and pardons the most (too).
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42/Ash-Shura-35: And those who dispute about Our Verses may know that there is no place of refuge for them.
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42/Ash-Shura-36: So everything you have been given is only an enjoyment for the life of the world. And for those who believe (who are âmenû, who wish to reach Allah while they are alive), what is with Allah is better and more lasting, and they trust their Lord.
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42/Ash-Shura-37: And they eschew from the greater sins and indecencies, and when they are angry they forgive.
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42/Ash-Shura-38: And they respond to their Lord and keep up the Prayer. And they gather amongst each other to conduct their affairs by mutual consultation. And they spend out of what We have given them as sustenance.
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42/Ash-Shura-39: And they help one another when an attack touches them.
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42/Ash-Shura-40: And the recompense of an evil is an evil like thereof. But whoever forgives and improves, then his wage (reward) belongs to Allah. Surely He does not love the wrong-doers.
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42/Ash-Shura-41: And indeed whosoever gets back his due after he has been wronged, for such there is no way (punishment) upon (against) them.
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42/Ash-Shura-42: But there is a way (punishment) upon (against) those who oppress others and bully in the earth without right. They are, for them there is a painful torment.
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42/Ash-Shura-43: And whoever practices patience and forgives this indeed is a great affair.
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42/Ash-Shura-44: And whomsoever Allah leaves in Misguidance, then after this, for him there is no Friend. You see the wrongdoers, as they say: “Is there any way of return (to the world)?”, when they see the torment.
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