Az-Zukhruf 48-60, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-25, Page-493)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-25 » Page-493
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Az-Zukhruf: 43/Az-Zukhruf-48, 43/Az-Zukhruf-49, 43/Az-Zukhruf-50, 43/Az-Zukhruf-51, 43/Az-Zukhruf-52, 43/Az-Zukhruf-53, 43/Az-Zukhruf-54, 43/Az-Zukhruf-55, 43/Az-Zukhruf-56, 43/Az-Zukhruf-57, 43/Az-Zukhruf-58, 43/Az-Zukhruf-59, 43/Az-Zukhruf-60, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-25, Page-493, Az-Zukhruf 48-60
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43/Az-Zukhruf-48: And We did not show them a Verse (a miracle) but it was greater than the other, and We seized them with the torment, in order that they might turn (to Allah).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-49: And they said: “O magician, call on your Lord for us, for the sake of the covenant that you have with Allah (that He shall remove this torment from us)! (In that case) We shall surely be on Hidayet”.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-50: But when We remove from them the torment, they brake (their pledge).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-51: And Pharaoh proclaimed amongst his people: “O my people, is not mine the kingdom of Egypt? And these rivers flowing beneath me? Do you not still see”?
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43/Az-Zukhruf-52: Or, (am I not) better than that weak one who can hardly express himself clearly (cannot talk normal)?
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43/Az-Zukhruf-53: Should not the bracelets of gold have been put upon him, or angels sent along with him?
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43/Az-Zukhruf-54: So (Pharaoh) took his people lightly (He looked down on his people). Upon that (his people) obeyed him. Surely they became a transgressing people.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-55: So they made us sad, therefore We took vengeance on them. For this reason We drowned them all.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-56: So We made them a history (previous nation) and an example for the latter (nations).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-57: And when the son of Mary (Jesus) is given as an example, then your people were screaming (while mocking).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-58: And they said: “Are our gods better, or is he”? They did not mention this example to you except to argue you. Nay, they are an enemy nation.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-59: He (Jesus) is only a servant that We granted our Blessing on him, and We made him an example for the Children of Israel.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-60: And if We had willed, We would have made out of you angels to replace you in the earth.
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