Az-Zukhruf 61-73, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-25, Page-494)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-25 » Page-494
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Az-Zukhruf: 43/Az-Zukhruf-61, 43/Az-Zukhruf-62, 43/Az-Zukhruf-63, 43/Az-Zukhruf-64, 43/Az-Zukhruf-65, 43/Az-Zukhruf-66, 43/Az-Zukhruf-67, 43/Az-Zukhruf-68, 43/Az-Zukhruf-69, 43/Az-Zukhruf-70, 43/Az-Zukhruf-71, 43/Az-Zukhruf-72, 43/Az-Zukhruf-73, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-25, Page-494, Az-Zukhruf 61-73
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43/Az-Zukhruf-61: And most surely he is indeed (a knowledge) for the Hour (Doomsday), therefore have no doubt about it! And depend on Me (Allah)! This is Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed to Allah).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-62: And let not Satan hinder you (from Sıratı Mustakîm), surely he is an open enemy for you.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-63: And when Jesus came with the clear proofs (miracles), he said: “And I have brought to you Al-Hikmah (the Wisdom) to make clear to you part of what you differ in. So have piety towards Allah and obey me”.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-64: Surely Allah is my and your Lord. Therefore become a servant to Him! This is Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed to Allah).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-65: Then the factions differed among themselves. Now woe to those who do wrong from the torment of a painful Day.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-66: Do they wait for anything but the Hour (Doomsday) that it should come upon them all of a sudden while they do not perceive?
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43/Az-Zukhruf-67: The intimate friends on the Day of Permission are enemies to one another, except the owners of piety.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-68: O My servants! There is no fear for you on that Day, nor shall you grieve.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-69: That they believed in Our Verses and submitted (to Allah).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-70: You and your spouses enter heaven! You will be relieved (there).
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43/Az-Zukhruf-71: Around them shall be passed round dishes and goblets of gold and therein shall be all that souls yearn and all that eyes shall delight in. And you are the ones who shall abide therein forever.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-72: And this is heaven which you have been made to inherit because of what you used to do.
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43/Az-Zukhruf-73: For you therein are plenty of fruits of which you shall eat.
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