The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-580), Al-Insan 26-31, Al-Mursalat 1-19

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-580
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Al-Insan: 76/Al-Insan-26, 76/Al-Insan-27, 76/Al-Insan-28, 76/Al-Insan-29, 76/Al-Insan-30, 76/Al-Insan-31, Al-Mursalat: 77/Al-Mursalat-1, 77/Al-Mursalat-2, 77/Al-Mursalat-3, 77/Al-Mursalat-4, 77/Al-Mursalat-5, 77/Al-Mursalat-6, 77/Al-Mursalat-7, 77/Al-Mursalat-8, 77/Al-Mursalat-9, 77/Al-Mursalat-10, 77/Al-Mursalat-11, 77/Al-Mursalat-12, 77/Al-Mursalat-13, 77/Al-Mursalat-14, 77/Al-Mursalat-15, 77/Al-Mursalat-16, 77/Al-Mursalat-17, 77/Al-Mursalat-18, 77/Al-Mursalat-19, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-580, Al-Insan 26-31, Al-Mursalat 1-19
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-26
76/Al-Insan-26: And during part of a night, prostrate yourself to Him and glorify Him for the longest during a night.
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-27
76/Al-Insan-27: Surely they love the fleeting (life of this world). They put the heavy, difficult Day behind them (they do not consider it important).
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-28
76/Al-Insan-28: It is We who created them and made firm their ties. And when We want, We replace them with others like them.
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-29
76/Al-Insan-29: Surely this is an advice. So whoever wills takes a Way to his Lord.
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-30
76/Al-Insan-30: And you cannot will, unless Allah wills. Surely Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise (the owner of wisdom and judgment).
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-31
76/Al-Insan-31: He makes whom He wills to enter into His Mercy. And the wrong-doers, He has prepared for them a painful torment.


Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-1
77/Al-Mursalat-1: By those are sent in succession (with divine knowledge).
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-2
77/Al-Mursalat-2: And (by) those that keep on blowing violently.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-3
77/Al-Mursalat-3: By those that scatter with a wide spreading.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-4
77/Al-Mursalat-4: And (by) those that keep on separating.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-5
77/Al-Mursalat-5: And (by) those that deliver the Dhikr.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-6
77/Al-Mursalat-6: (These oaths) (not) to be an excuse or to be a Warner.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-7
77/Al-Mursalat-7: Surely what you are promised will take place.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-8
77/Al-Mursalat-8: As such, at that time the light of the stars are taken away.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-9
77/Al-Mursalat-9: And at that time the sky is split open.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-10
77/Al-Mursalat-10: And at that time the mountains are scattered.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-11
77/Al-Mursalat-11: And at that time, the time is made known to the Rasuls (Messengers).
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-12
77/Al-Mursalat-12: For what Day are these postponed?
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-13
77/Al-Mursalat-13: For the Day of Sorting (they are postponed).
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-14
77/Al-Mursalat-14: And what is it that makes you comprehend that Day of Sorting?
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-15
77/Al-Mursalat-15: Woe to the beliers on the Day of Permission.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-16
77/Al-Mursalat-16: Did We not ruin the previous ones?
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-17
77/Al-Mursalat-17: Then We add the later ones (the ones that come after them) to them.
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-18
77/Al-Mursalat-18: This is how We do to the sinners (the guilty).
Listen Quran: 77/Al-Mursalat-19
77/Al-Mursalat-19: Woe to the beliers on the Day of Permission.
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