Al-Haqqah 9-34, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-567)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-567
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Al-Haqqah: 69/Al-Haqqah-9, 69/Al-Haqqah-10, 69/Al-Haqqah-11, 69/Al-Haqqah-12, 69/Al-Haqqah-13, 69/Al-Haqqah-14, 69/Al-Haqqah-15, 69/Al-Haqqah-16, 69/Al-Haqqah-17, 69/Al-Haqqah-18, 69/Al-Haqqah-19, 69/Al-Haqqah-20, 69/Al-Haqqah-21, 69/Al-Haqqah-22, 69/Al-Haqqah-23, 69/Al-Haqqah-24, 69/Al-Haqqah-25, 69/Al-Haqqah-26, 69/Al-Haqqah-27, 69/Al-Haqqah-28, 69/Al-Haqqah-29, 69/Al-Haqqah-30, 69/Al-Haqqah-31, 69/Al-Haqqah-32, 69/Al-Haqqah-33, 69/Al-Haqqah-34, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-567, Al-Haqqah 9-34
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69/Al-Haqqah-9: And Pharaoh and those before him and the people of the overthrown cities came with that great fault (they had denied the Day of Resurrection, the account to be given to Allah, being punished).
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69/Al-Haqqah-10: And they rebelled against the Messenger of their Lord, so He seized them with an intense Seizure.
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69/Al-Haqqah-11: Surely We carried you in (the floating) Ark when the water rose high (during the storm).
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69/Al-Haqqah-12: So that We may make it a lesson to you, and that the hearing ear might retain it.
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69/Al-Haqqah-13: And when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast.
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69/Al-Haqqah-14: And when the earth and the mountains are removed from their places and crushed with a single shake.
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69/Al-Haqqah-15: Then on that Day of Permission that (Great) Event had taken place.
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69/Al-Haqqah-16: And the sky has been split up; so that on that Day it has been weakened (its equilibrium is broken).
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69/Al-Haqqah-17: And that angel is around it (the sky). And on the Day of Permission, the number of those who carry the Arsh (beyond existence) of your Lord upon them are eight.
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69/Al-Haqqah-18: On the Day of Permission you shall be presented (to your Lord). No secret of yours shall remain hidden.
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69/Al-Haqqah-19: Then the one who is given his book (his life film) from his right hand side says: “Take, read my book”.
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69/Al-Haqqah-20: Surely I knew that I would have to meet (reach) my Account.
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69/Al-Haqqah-21: That he is in a life which he is pleased with.
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69/Al-Haqqah-22: They are in a high heaven.
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69/Al-Haqqah-23: The ripe fruits of which are near at hand (hanging low).
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69/Al-Haqqah-24: Eat and drink at ease (as a reward) for what you have done in the past days!
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69/Al-Haqqah-25: And the one who is given his book (his life film) from his left hand side says then: “I wish my book had never been given me”.
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69/Al-Haqqah-26: And I had not known what my Account was.
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69/Al-Haqqah-27: I wish it (my life) had been ended (when I died).
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69/Al-Haqqah-28: My wealth has not benefited me.
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69/Al-Haqqah-29: My authority (power of wealth) is ruined.
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69/Al-Haqqah-30: Seize him and fetter (cuff) him.
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69/Al-Haqqah-31: Then throw him into the blazing Fire!
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69/Al-Haqqah-32: Then transfer him (into hell) in a chain the length of which is seventy cubits.
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69/Al-Haqqah-33: Surely he was not believing (having faith) in Allah, the Most Great.
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69/Al-Haqqah-34: Nor was he encouraging feeding the needy.
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