Al-Qalam 16-43, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-565)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-565
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Al-Qalam: 68/Al-Qalam-16, 68/Al-Qalam-17, 68/Al-Qalam-18, 68/Al-Qalam-19, 68/Al-Qalam-20, 68/Al-Qalam-21, 68/Al-Qalam-22, 68/Al-Qalam-23, 68/Al-Qalam-24, 68/Al-Qalam-25, 68/Al-Qalam-26, 68/Al-Qalam-27, 68/Al-Qalam-28, 68/Al-Qalam-29, 68/Al-Qalam-30, 68/Al-Qalam-31, 68/Al-Qalam-32, 68/Al-Qalam-33, 68/Al-Qalam-34, 68/Al-Qalam-35, 68/Al-Qalam-36, 68/Al-Qalam-37, 68/Al-Qalam-38, 68/Al-Qalam-39, 68/Al-Qalam-40, 68/Al-Qalam-41, 68/Al-Qalam-42, 68/Al-Qalam-43, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-565, Al-Qalam 16-43
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68/Al-Qalam-16: Soon We shall brand him on his nose.
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68/Al-Qalam-17: Surely We afflicted them, as We afflicted the owners of the garden, as they were swearing to share its crop early in the morning (without showing them to the poor).
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68/Al-Qalam-18: And they are not making any exceptions.
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68/Al-Qalam-19: But there passed by on it (the garden) a disaster by your Lord while they were sleeping.
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68/Al-Qalam-20: So it (the crop) turned black (the garden turned to a barren land).
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68/Al-Qalam-21: Finally they called out to each other at daybreak.
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68/Al-Qalam-22: If you are going to share, go to your garden early!
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68/Al-Qalam-23: So they left (the house), whispering to one another.
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68/Al-Qalam-24: Do not allow anyone poor enter there (the garden) today next to you.
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68/Al-Qalam-25: And they went early in the morning, thinking that they have power (to prevent the poor) from entering.
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68/Al-Qalam-26: But when they saw it (the condition of the garden) they said: “Most surely we are the people who are in Misguidance”.
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68/Al-Qalam-27: Nay! Indeed we are deprived people.
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68/Al-Qalam-28: The one who could think most reasonably said: “Did I not tell you that if you do not glorify (Allah) that would not be (that you have to glorify)?
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68/Al-Qalam-29: They said: “Glory be to our Lord (He is Omnipotent), surely We have become wrong-doing people”.
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68/Al-Qalam-30: Then they replied to each other, blaming one another.
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68/Al-Qalam-31: Woe to us, surely we have become the people who exceeded the limit.
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68/Al-Qalam-32: It is hoped that our Lord will give us better than this instead. Surely we are the ones who love our Lord.
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68/Al-Qalam-33: This is how the torment is, certainly the Torment of the Hereafter is greater, did they but know!
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68/Al-Qalam-34: Surely for the owners of piety there are Naîm heavens with their Lord.
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68/Al-Qalam-35: Just like that, shall We make (consider) Muslimîn (those who are submitted) as the sinners (guilty)?
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68/Al-Qalam-36: What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
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68/Al-Qalam-37: Or do you have a Book from which you acquire knowledge?
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68/Al-Qalam-38: What you like and choose in it (that book) are surely yours (is that written in it)?
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68/Al-Qalam-39: Or do you have oaths from Us, all the way to the Day of Resurrection that ‘yours is what you judge’.
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68/Al-Qalam-40: Ask them “which of them is the defender of this?
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68/Al-Qalam-41: Or do they have partners? Then let them bring their partners, if they are the truthful.
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68/Al-Qalam-42: On the Day when all the truth shall come out openly, they shall be called to prostrate themselves but they shall not be able (to do so).
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68/Al-Qalam-43: An abasement covers them as their eyes fear with dread. They were called to prostrate themselves while they were well (healthy and safe).
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