The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-578), Al-Qiyamah 20-40, Al-Insan 1-5

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-578
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Al-Qiyamah: 75/Al-Qiyamah-20, 75/Al-Qiyamah-21, 75/Al-Qiyamah-22, 75/Al-Qiyamah-23, 75/Al-Qiyamah-24, 75/Al-Qiyamah-25, 75/Al-Qiyamah-26, 75/Al-Qiyamah-27, 75/Al-Qiyamah-28, 75/Al-Qiyamah-29, 75/Al-Qiyamah-30, 75/Al-Qiyamah-31, 75/Al-Qiyamah-32, 75/Al-Qiyamah-33, 75/Al-Qiyamah-34, 75/Al-Qiyamah-35, 75/Al-Qiyamah-36, 75/Al-Qiyamah-37, 75/Al-Qiyamah-38, 75/Al-Qiyamah-39, 75/Al-Qiyamah-40, Al-Insan: 76/Al-Insan-1, 76/Al-Insan-2, 76/Al-Insan-3, 76/Al-Insan-4, 76/Al-Insan-5, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-578, Al-Qiyamah 20-40, Al-Insan 1-5
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-20
75/Al-Qiyamah-20: Nay, but you love the fleeting (life of this world).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-21
75/Al-Qiyamah-21: And you abandon the Hereafter.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-22
75/Al-Qiyamah-22: There are radiant faces on the Day of Permission.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-23
75/Al-Qiyamah-23: Looking at their Lord.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-24
75/Al-Qiyamah-24: And on the Day of Permission there are gloomy (frowning) faces.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-25
75/Al-Qiyamah-25: Knowing that he will be ill treated.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-26
75/Al-Qiyamah-26: Nay, when it (the soul) comes up to the collarbone (comes to the throat during death).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-27
75/Al-Qiyamah-27: And it is said: “Who is the one who will save”?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-28
75/Al-Qiyamah-28: And he realized that he is parting (from the world, as he is dying).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-29
75/Al-Qiyamah-29: And one leg will be crossed with the other leg.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-30
75/Al-Qiyamah-30: To your Lord on the Day of Permission is the transfer.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-31
75/Al-Qiyamah-31: But he did not confirm nor did he pray.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-32
75/Al-Qiyamah-32: And but he belied and turned away!
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-33
75/Al-Qiyamah-33: Then he went to his family in arrogance.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-34
75/Al-Qiyamah-34: This is what you deserve, after all you deserved it!
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-35
75/Al-Qiyamah-35: Then this is what you deserve, well you deserved it.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-36
75/Al-Qiyamah-36: Does the man think that he is to be left uncontrolled (free of responsibility)?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-37
75/Al-Qiyamah-37: Was he not a Nutfah (a drop of sperm) of semen emitted?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-38
75/Al-Qiyamah-38: Then it became Alaqa (an embryo). Then (Allah) created him, later designed (fashioned) him.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-39
75/Al-Qiyamah-39: Then made of him a pair, the male and the female.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-40
75/Al-Qiyamah-40: Is not He (who did all this) able to give life to the dead?


Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-1
76/Al-Insan-1: Has there not come over man a long period of time when he was not a thing worth mentioning (until he became a being worth mentioning) (a period that passed from his first creation as a single cell until his becoming a being worth mentioning-his birth)?
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-2
76/Al-Insan-2: Surely We have created man from a combination of Nutfah (two cells). We will try him. Therefore We have made him a being that hears, sees.
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-3
76/Al-Insan-3: Surely We have delivered him to a Way (leading to Allah). But either he becomes grateful (he wishes to reach Allah) or ungrateful (disbeliever) (he does not wish to reach Allah before death).
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-4
76/Al-Insan-4: Surely We have prepared for the disbelievers chains and shackles and a blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 76/Al-Insan-5
76/Al-Insan-5: Surely the Abrâr ones shall drink from the cups that have Kâfûr in it.
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