The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-564), Al-Mulk 27-30, Al-Qalam 1-15

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-564
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Al-Mulk: 67/Al-Mulk-27, 67/Al-Mulk-28, 67/Al-Mulk-29, 67/Al-Mulk-30, Al-Qalam: 68/Al-Qalam-1, 68/Al-Qalam-2, 68/Al-Qalam-3, 68/Al-Qalam-4, 68/Al-Qalam-5, 68/Al-Qalam-6, 68/Al-Qalam-7, 68/Al-Qalam-8, 68/Al-Qalam-9, 68/Al-Qalam-10, 68/Al-Qalam-11, 68/Al-Qalam-12, 68/Al-Qalam-13, 68/Al-Qalam-14, 68/Al-Qalam-15, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-564, Al-Mulk 27-30, Al-Qalam 1-15
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67/Al-Mulk-27: But when they saw it closely, the faces of those who disbelieved turned black and they were told: “This is that which (the Torment) you used to ask (when it would come to pass)”.
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67/Al-Mulk-28: Say: “Have you seen; If Allah should destroy me and those with me, or He has mercy upon us; yet who will deliver the disbelievers from a painful torment”?
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67/Al-Mulk-29: Say: “He is the Most-Beneficent, we believed in Him and in Him we put our trust”, so you shall come to know soon who it is that is in manifest Misguidance.
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67/Al-Mulk-30: Say: “Have you seen; if all your water were to sink down the earth, who is it then that will bring you flowing water”?


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68/Al-Qalam-1: Nûn. By the Pen and what it writes down line by line.
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68/Al-Qalam-2: By the Blessing of your Lord, you are not mad.
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68/Al-Qalam-3: And most surely, for you will be a reward never to be cut off.
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68/Al-Qalam-4: And most surely you are on a high level of morality.
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68/Al-Qalam-5: So you shall soon see, and they too shall see.
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68/Al-Qalam-6: Which of you is the demented (perplexed)?
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68/Al-Qalam-7: Surely your Lord, He best knows him who has gone astray from His Way, and He also best knows those who have reached Hidayet.
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68/Al-Qalam-8: Therefore, do not obey those who belie.
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68/Al-Qalam-9: They wished (asked) that you should be lenient so they too would be lenient.
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68/Al-Qalam-10: And do not obey any of those who swear much in vainness.
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68/Al-Qalam-11: To those who constantly try to find others’ mistakes, carry the words to others (do not obey them).
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68/Al-Qalam-12: To those who hinder the good, the sinful who exceed the limits (do not obey them).
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68/Al-Qalam-13: To those tyrant who harm, besides all that, the sinful who possesses without right (do not obey them).
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68/Al-Qalam-14: (Because) they have wealth and sons (do not obey them).
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68/Al-Qalam-15: When Our Verses were recited to him, he said: “The tales of the men of old”.
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