Al-Ma'arij 11-39, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-569)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-569
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Al-Ma'arij: 70/Al-Ma'arij-11, 70/Al-Ma'arij-12, 70/Al-Ma'arij-13, 70/Al-Ma'arij-14, 70/Al-Ma'arij-15, 70/Al-Ma'arij-16, 70/Al-Ma'arij-17, 70/Al-Ma'arij-18, 70/Al-Ma'arij-19, 70/Al-Ma'arij-20, 70/Al-Ma'arij-21, 70/Al-Ma'arij-22, 70/Al-Ma'arij-23, 70/Al-Ma'arij-24, 70/Al-Ma'arij-25, 70/Al-Ma'arij-26, 70/Al-Ma'arij-27, 70/Al-Ma'arij-28, 70/Al-Ma'arij-29, 70/Al-Ma'arij-30, 70/Al-Ma'arij-31, 70/Al-Ma'arij-32, 70/Al-Ma'arij-33, 70/Al-Ma'arij-34, 70/Al-Ma'arij-35, 70/Al-Ma'arij-36, 70/Al-Ma'arij-37, 70/Al-Ma'arij-38, 70/Al-Ma'arij-39, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-569, Al-Ma'arij 11-39
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70/Al-Ma'arij-11: They shall be shown to one another; the sinner hopes to offer his sons as ransom to redeem himself from the torment of that Day.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-12: And his own wife and his brother.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-13: And his kindred who sheltered him.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-14: And (to give) all that are in the earth, so that he might save himself.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-15: By no means! Surely it (what he wants to be saved from) is a flaming Fire.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-16: (That fire is) burning and scorching the skin of the head.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-17: Calls him who turns his back and turns away his face (from Faith).
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70/Al-Ma'arij-18: And him who collected (commodities, wealth) then hoarded them.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-19: Surely the human is created impatient and greedy.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-20: When an evil touches him, he cries out.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-21: And he is stingy when a good touches him.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-22: Except those who perform prayer.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-23: They are the ones who continue to their prayer.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-24: And they are the ones in whose wealth there is a recognized right.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-25: For those who ask and the destitute.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-26: And they confirm the Day of the Religion.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-27: And they are the ones who are fearful of the Torment of their Lord.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-28: Surely the Torment of their Lord is not to be felt secure of.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-29: And they are the ones who guard their chastity.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-30: Except with their spouses and those whom their right hands possess (their concubines), because they surely are not blamed.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-31: After this whoever seeks beyond that, these it is that has exceed the limit.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-32: And they are the ones who comply with their trusts and their covenant.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-33: And they are the ones who steadfast to their testimonies.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-34: And they are the ones who keep a guard on their prayer (they continue to pray).
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70/Al-Ma'arij-35: Those are the ones who are served in heavens.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-36: Why all of a sudden did those who disbelieve start to run fast towards you?
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70/Al-Ma'arij-37: From the right and left, in scattered groups.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-38: Do they all hope to enter the Naîm heaven.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-39: By no means! Surely We have created them of what they know.
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