The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-577), Al-Muddaththir 48-56, Al-Qiyamah 1-19

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-577
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Al-Muddaththir: 74/Al-Muddaththir-48, 74/Al-Muddaththir-49, 74/Al-Muddaththir-50, 74/Al-Muddaththir-51, 74/Al-Muddaththir-52, 74/Al-Muddaththir-53, 74/Al-Muddaththir-54, 74/Al-Muddaththir-55, 74/Al-Muddaththir-56, Al-Qiyamah: 75/Al-Qiyamah-1, 75/Al-Qiyamah-2, 75/Al-Qiyamah-3, 75/Al-Qiyamah-4, 75/Al-Qiyamah-5, 75/Al-Qiyamah-6, 75/Al-Qiyamah-7, 75/Al-Qiyamah-8, 75/Al-Qiyamah-9, 75/Al-Qiyamah-10, 75/Al-Qiyamah-11, 75/Al-Qiyamah-12, 75/Al-Qiyamah-13, 75/Al-Qiyamah-14, 75/Al-Qiyamah-15, 75/Al-Qiyamah-16, 75/Al-Qiyamah-17, 75/Al-Qiyamah-18, 75/Al-Qiyamah-19, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-577, Al-Muddaththir 48-56, Al-Qiyamah 1-19
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-48
74/Al-Muddaththir-48: So the intercession of the intercessors shall not avail them.
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-49
74/Al-Muddaththir-49: Even though this is the case, how come they became the ones who turned away from Dhikr (the remembrance)?
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-50
74/Al-Muddaththir-50: As if they are wild donkeys taking fright.
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-51
74/Al-Muddaththir-51: Fleeing from a lion (in fear).
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-52
74/Al-Muddaththir-52: Nay, they all ask for the arrival of written pages specifically for them.
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-53
74/Al-Muddaththir-53: Nay, indeed they do not fear the Hereafter
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-54
74/Al-Muddaththir-54: Nay, it is surely a Dhikr (an advice).
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-55
74/Al-Muddaththir-55: So whoever pleases may deliberate (remember) It.
Listen Quran: 74/Al-Muddaththir-56
74/Al-Muddaththir-56: And none can deliberate (remember) buy whom Allah wills. He (whom He wills) is the owner of piety and the owner of forgiveness (the one whose evil deeds are converted into merits).


Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-1
75/Al-Qiyamah-1: Nay, by the Day of Resurrection.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-2
75/Al-Qiyamah-2: And nay, by the accusing (blaming) soul
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-3
75/Al-Qiyamah-3: Does man think that we can never put his bones together again (after death)?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-4
75/Al-Qiyamah-4: Nay, We are even able to remold the very tips of his fingers.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-5
75/Al-Qiyamah-5: Nay, man desires to pass what is before him (the time) in Fisk and Fucur (transgression and sin).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-6
75/Al-Qiyamah-6: He asks: “When is the Day of Resurrection”?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-7
75/Al-Qiyamah-7: So when the sight becomes dazed with fear.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-8
75/Al-Qiyamah-8: And (when) the moon becomes dark.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-9
75/Al-Qiyamah-9: And (when) the sun and the moon are made to join together.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-10
75/Al-Qiyamah-10: Man shall say on that Day of Permission: “Where is the place to flee”?
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-11
75/Al-Qiyamah-11: Nay, there is no place of refuge.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-12
75/Al-Qiyamah-12: The decided place on the Day of Permission is the Presence of your Lord.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-13
75/Al-Qiyamah-13: On the Day of Permission the man shall be informed of what he sent before (he had done) and (what he) put off (he had not done).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-14
75/Al-Qiyamah-14: Nay, the man is a witness against his own soul.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-15
75/Al-Qiyamah-15: And even if he were to put forth his excuses.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-16
75/Al-Qiyamah-16: Do not move your tongue with him (Gabriel) to make haste with it (to memorize the Qur’an).
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-17
75/Al-Qiyamah-17: Surely on Us is the collecting and the reciting (reading) of it.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-18
75/Al-Qiyamah-18: Therefore when We recite (read) it, then follow its (Qur’an’s) recital.
Listen Quran: 75/Al-Qiyamah-19
75/Al-Qiyamah-19: Then it is certainly on Us to explain it.
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