Al-Insan 6-25, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-579)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-579
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Al-Insan: 76/Al-Insan-6, 76/Al-Insan-7, 76/Al-Insan-8, 76/Al-Insan-9, 76/Al-Insan-10, 76/Al-Insan-11, 76/Al-Insan-12, 76/Al-Insan-13, 76/Al-Insan-14, 76/Al-Insan-15, 76/Al-Insan-16, 76/Al-Insan-17, 76/Al-Insan-18, 76/Al-Insan-19, 76/Al-Insan-20, 76/Al-Insan-21, 76/Al-Insan-22, 76/Al-Insan-23, 76/Al-Insan-24, 76/Al-Insan-25, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-579, Al-Insan 6-25
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76/Al-Insan-6: The servants of Allah cause that spring from which they drink to gush forth.
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76/Al-Insan-7: They fulfill their vow and fear the Day whose evil wide-spread (everywhere).
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76/Al-Insan-8: And they feed their most loved food to the needy, the orphan, and the captive.
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76/Al-Insan-9: We only feed you for the Countenance of Allah. We wish for no reward nor thanks from you.
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76/Al-Insan-10: Surely we fear our Lord on a Day that is hard, stressful, where the faces look horrible.
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76/Al-Insan-11: Yet Allah guarded them from the evil of such Day and delivered them to a bright face and joy.
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76/Al-Insan-12: And due to their patience He rewarded them with heaven and silk clothes.
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76/Al-Insan-13: They recline on thrones there. They see in there neither (the excessive heat of) the sun nor the biting cold.
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76/Al-Insan-14: And its (trees’) shade is close upon them and its fruits are brought closer ready for their command.
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76/Al-Insan-15: And they go around them with cups of silver and goblets of crystal.
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76/Al-Insan-16: Silver goblets that their amounts are determined.
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76/Al-Insan-17: And therein they shall be served goblets that have ginger in them.
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76/Al-Insan-18: There is a spring therein which is named Salsabil.
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76/Al-Insan-19: And young men who never age go around them. When you see them, you think they are scattered pearls.
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76/Al-Insan-20: And when you look, you become the one who had seen blessings, a great commodity and a great kingdom in there.
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76/Al-Insan-21: On them are garments of fine green silk and embroiled satin. They are adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord offered them pure (delicious) drinks (wines).
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76/Al-Insan-22: Surely this became your reward. And your striving found to be worthy of being thanked (be appreciated).
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76/Al-Insan-23: Surely We, We have sent down the Qur’ân to you by stages (verse by verse).
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76/Al-Insan-24: Therefore bear patient for the Judgment of your Lord. Do not obey from among them who are disbeliever or sinners.
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76/Al-Insan-25: And remember (repeat) the Name of your Lord day and night.
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