The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-29, Page-568), Al-Haqqah 35-52, Al-Ma'arij 1-10

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-29 » Page-568
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Al-Haqqah: 69/Al-Haqqah-35, 69/Al-Haqqah-36, 69/Al-Haqqah-37, 69/Al-Haqqah-38, 69/Al-Haqqah-39, 69/Al-Haqqah-40, 69/Al-Haqqah-41, 69/Al-Haqqah-42, 69/Al-Haqqah-43, 69/Al-Haqqah-44, 69/Al-Haqqah-45, 69/Al-Haqqah-46, 69/Al-Haqqah-47, 69/Al-Haqqah-48, 69/Al-Haqqah-49, 69/Al-Haqqah-50, 69/Al-Haqqah-51, 69/Al-Haqqah-52, Al-Ma'arij: 70/Al-Ma'arij-1, 70/Al-Ma'arij-2, 70/Al-Ma'arij-3, 70/Al-Ma'arij-4, 70/Al-Ma'arij-5, 70/Al-Ma'arij-6, 70/Al-Ma'arij-7, 70/Al-Ma'arij-8, 70/Al-Ma'arij-9, 70/Al-Ma'arij-10, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-29, Page-568, Al-Haqqah 35-52, Al-Ma'arij 1-10
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69/Al-Haqqah-35: Therefore on that day, he does not have an intimate friend here.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-36
69/Al-Haqqah-36: Nor any other food except bloody pus.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-37
69/Al-Haqqah-37: None eats it except the sinners.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-38
69/Al-Haqqah-38: But nay! I swear by that which you see.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-39
69/Al-Haqqah-39: And that which you do not see as well.
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69/Al-Haqqah-40: Most surely that is the Word of an honored Rasul (Messenger).
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69/Al-Haqqah-41: And it is not the word of a poet. How little do you believe!
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-42
69/Al-Haqqah-42: And it is not the word of an oracle either. How little do you remember.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-43
69/Al-Haqqah-43: It has been sent down by the Lord of the Worlds.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-44
69/Al-Haqqah-44: And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-45
69/Al-Haqqah-45: We would certainly have seized him by his right side.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-46
69/Al-Haqqah-46: Then We would certainly have cut off his vital artery.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-47
69/Al-Haqqah-47: Also none of you can stop from that (avoid this).
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-48
69/Al-Haqqah-48: And most surely it (the Qur’ân) is an advice for the Muttaqîn (the owners of piety).
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-49
69/Al-Haqqah-49: And most surely We know that some of you are beliers (who reject this Qur’ân).
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-50
69/Al-Haqqah-50: And most surely it (the Qur’ân ) is indeed longing for the disbelievers.
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-51
69/Al-Haqqah-51: And most surely it is indeed the true certainty (absolutely knowing Allah).
Listen Quran: 69/Al-Haqqah-52
69/Al-Haqqah-52: So glorify your Lord with the Name of the Most Great!


Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-1
70/Al-Ma'arij-1: One willing individual demanded the condition (torment) that will befall.
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70/Al-Ma'arij-2: For the disbelievers, there is none to avert it.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-3
70/Al-Ma'arij-3: (That torment is) from Allah, the Owner of the High Degrees.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-4
70/Al-Ma'arij-4: To Him ascend the angels and the Spirit in a Day the measure of which is fifty thousand years.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-5
70/Al-Ma'arij-5: So be patient with a beautiful patience.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-6
70/Al-Ma'arij-6: Surely they see it (the torment that will occur for the disbelievers) far off.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-7
70/Al-Ma'arij-7: And We see it being near.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-8
70/Al-Ma'arij-8: On that Day (of Torment) the sky will be as molten metal.
Listen Quran: 70/Al-Ma'arij-9
70/Al-Ma'arij-9: And the mountains will be as multicolored flakes of wool (flying around in pieces).
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70/Al-Ma'arij-10: And (on that day) no intimate friend asks of another intimate friend.
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