Al-Kahf 98-110, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-16, Page-304)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-16 » Page-304
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Al-Kahf: 18/Al-Kahf-98, 18/Al-Kahf-99, 18/Al-Kahf-100, 18/Al-Kahf-101, 18/Al-Kahf-102, 18/Al-Kahf-103, 18/Al-Kahf-104, 18/Al-Kahf-105, 18/Al-Kahf-106, 18/Al-Kahf-107, 18/Al-Kahf-108, 18/Al-Kahf-109, 18/Al-Kahf-110, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-16, Page-304, Al-Kahf 98-110
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18/Al-Kahf-98: (Dhû’l Qarnain) said: “This is a mercy from my Lord, but when the Promise of my Lord comes to pass, He will make it level with the ground, and the Promise of my Lord is ever true”.
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18/Al-Kahf-99: And on the Day of Permission We left them mixed to each other and the Trumpet was blown. Then We gathered them altogether.
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18/Al-Kahf-100: And We presented Hell, on the Day of Permission before the disbelievers as a severe presentation.
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18/Al-Kahf-101: They whose eyes were under a cover from My Remembrance (Dhikr), and they could not hear (Me).
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18/Al-Kahf-102: Did those who disbelieve think that My servants would be taking other friends besides Me? Surely We have prepared Hell as an offering (dwelling place) for the disbelievers.
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18/Al-Kahf-103: Say: “Shall we inform you of the greatest losers in deeds”?
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18/Al-Kahf-104: They whose work (deeds) is deviated in the life of the world (the degrees that they have lost are more than the degrees that they have earned) and they reckoned that they were doing good deeds.
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18/Al-Kahf-105: These are they who denied the Verses of their Lord and reaching Him (the spirit’s reaching Allah before death). So their deeds became vain and therefore We will not set up a scale for them on the Day of Resurrection.
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18/Al-Kahf-106: Hell is their recompense for what they concealed and held My Verses and My Messengers in mockery.
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18/Al-Kahf-107: Those who believe (those who wish to reach Allah before death) and do improving deeds (the soul’s cleansing), their place of entertainment shall be the Gardens of Al-Firdaus.
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18/Al-Kahf-108: Where they shall dwell forever, they shall not desire to leave from there.
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18/Al-Kahf-109: Say: “If the seas were ink for (writing) the Words of my Lord, the seas would surely be consumed before the Words of my Lord are exhausted, even if We were to bring the like of that for its aid”.
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18/Al-Kahf-110: Say: “I am only a human being like you. It is revealed to me that your God is One God, therefore whoever wishes to reach Allah (before death) let him do improving deeds (the soul’s cleansing) and let him not associate anyone with Him in the worship of his Lord”.
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