Ta-Ha 13-37, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-16, Page-313)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-16 » Page-313
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Ta-Ha: 20/Ta-Ha-13, 20/Ta-Ha-14, 20/Ta-Ha-15, 20/Ta-Ha-16, 20/Ta-Ha-17, 20/Ta-Ha-18, 20/Ta-Ha-19, 20/Ta-Ha-20, 20/Ta-Ha-21, 20/Ta-Ha-22, 20/Ta-Ha-23, 20/Ta-Ha-24, 20/Ta-Ha-25, 20/Ta-Ha-26, 20/Ta-Ha-27, 20/Ta-Ha-28, 20/Ta-Ha-29, 20/Ta-Ha-30, 20/Ta-Ha-31, 20/Ta-Ha-32, 20/Ta-Ha-33, 20/Ta-Ha-34, 20/Ta-Ha-35, 20/Ta-Ha-36, 20/Ta-Ha-37, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-16, Page-313, Ta-Ha 13-37
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20/Ta-Ha-13: And I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed.
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20/Ta-Ha-14: Surely I, I am Allah. There is no god but I, therefore become a servant to Me, and keep up the Prayer for My remembrance (Dhikr)!
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20/Ta-Ha-15: Surely that Hour (Doomsday) will come. For every soul to be rewarded (or punished) for its work I will almost hide it from Myself.
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20/Ta-Ha-16: Therefore let not those who do not believe in it (the Doomsday) and follow their low desires turn you away from it (belief in the Doomsday). Then you should (also) perish.
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20/Ta-Ha-17: And what is it in your right hand, O Moses?
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20/Ta-Ha-18: He said: “This is my staff, I recline (lean) on it and I beat down the leaves with it to make them fall upon my sheep and I have other uses (benefits) for it”.
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20/Ta-Ha-19: (Allah) said: “Cast it down, O Moses”!
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20/Ta-Ha-20: So he cast it down. Then it had become a serpent, moving (slithering) quickly.
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20/Ta-Ha-21: (Allah) said: “Take hold of it and do not fear! We will restore it to its former state”.
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20/Ta-Ha-22: And put your hand under your armpit. As another sign (miracle) take it out white (with glorious light) without a flaw (pure).
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20/Ta-Ha-23: That We may show you one of Our Greater Signs (Miracles).
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20/Ta-Ha-24: Go to Pharaoh! Surely he has exceeded the limits.
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20/Ta-Ha-25: (Moses) said: “My Lord! Open (split) my chest”.
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20/Ta-Ha-26: And make my affair easy to me.
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20/Ta-Ha-27: And loose the knot (remove the impediment) from my tongue.
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20/Ta-Ha-28: (That) they may understand my words.
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20/Ta-Ha-29: And appoint for me a helper from my family.
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20/Ta-Ha-30: My brother, Aaron.
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20/Ta-Ha-31: Strengthen my power by him (Increase my strength with him).
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20/Ta-Ha-32: And partner him in my affair.
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20/Ta-Ha-33: So that we much glorify You.
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20/Ta-Ha-34: And remember You (do your Dhikr) much.
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20/Ta-Ha-35: Surely, You are the One Who sees us.
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20/Ta-Ha-36: (Allah) said: “O Moses! You are indeed granted your request”.
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20/Ta-Ha-37: And certainly We had bestowed on you a Blessing at another time.
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