Al-Kahf 84-97, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-16, Page-303)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-16 » Page-303
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Al-Kahf: 18/Al-Kahf-84, 18/Al-Kahf-85, 18/Al-Kahf-86, 18/Al-Kahf-87, 18/Al-Kahf-88, 18/Al-Kahf-89, 18/Al-Kahf-90, 18/Al-Kahf-91, 18/Al-Kahf-92, 18/Al-Kahf-93, 18/Al-Kahf-94, 18/Al-Kahf-95, 18/Al-Kahf-96, 18/Al-Kahf-97, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-16, Page-303, Al-Kahf 84-97
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18/Al-Kahf-84: Surely We made him strong in the earth and granted him means of access to everything.
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18/Al-Kahf-85: So he followed a course (He set out).
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18/Al-Kahf-86: When he reached the setting place of the sun, he found it setting in a spring of murky water, and found by it a people. We said: “O Dhû’l-Qarnain! Either you torment them, or treat them with kindness”.
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18/Al-Kahf-87: (Dhû’l-Qarnain) said: “As for him who does wrong, we shall torment him, then he shall be returned to his Lord, and He will torment him with a fearsome torment”.
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18/Al-Kahf-88: And as for him who believes (who wishes to reach Allah before death) and does improving deeds (that cleanse the soul), then for him there is the best reward (heaven and the worldly happiness) and We will speak to him (carry out for him) of Our Command what is easy.
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18/Al-Kahf-89: Then he followed a course (He set off).
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18/Al-Kahf-90: When he reached the land of the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people to whom We had given no shelter from it.
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18/Al-Kahf-91: So that We surrounded (with Our Knowledge) all that was with him (all the events that had happened), being All-Informed.
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18/Al-Kahf-92: Then he followed (another) course (He set off).
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18/Al-Kahf-93: When he reached between the two Barriers, he found aside from those two (nations) a people who could hardly understand a speech.
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18/Al-Kahf-94: They said: “O Dhû’l-Qarnain! Verily Ya’jûj and Ma’jûj (Gog and Magog) make mischief in the earth. Shall we then pay you a tribute that you should raise a barrier between us and them”?
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18/Al-Kahf-95: (Dhû’l-Qarnain) said: “That in which my Lord has strengthened (supported) me is better. Therefore, (you) only help me with a force. I will make a fortified barrier between you and them”.
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18/Al-Kahf-96: “Bring me blocks of iron. When the space between the two mountain sides is leveled, blow (with your bellows)”. When he had made it fire, he said: “Bring me molten copper which I may pour over it”.
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18/Al-Kahf-97: So they shall not be able to pass over it nor could they make a hole in it.
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