Ta-Ha 38-51, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-16, Page-314)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-16 » Page-314
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Ta-Ha: 20/Ta-Ha-38, 20/Ta-Ha-39, 20/Ta-Ha-40, 20/Ta-Ha-41, 20/Ta-Ha-42, 20/Ta-Ha-43, 20/Ta-Ha-44, 20/Ta-Ha-45, 20/Ta-Ha-46, 20/Ta-Ha-47, 20/Ta-Ha-48, 20/Ta-Ha-49, 20/Ta-Ha-50, 20/Ta-Ha-51, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-16, Page-314, Ta-Ha 38-51
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20/Ta-Ha-38: We had revealed to your mother what had to be revealed.
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20/Ta-Ha-39: (Revealed her) to put him into the chest, then to cast it down into the sea (river). So the sea shall throw him on the shore. There shall take him up one who is an enemy to Me and enemy to him. And for you to be brought up before My Eye (under My Protection) I cast down upon you love from Me.
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20/Ta-Ha-40: Your sister was walking (following you) and saying (to them when they took you into the Palace): “Shall I direct you to (help you find) one who will take charge of him (nurse him and take care of him)”? So We brought you back to your mother, that her eye might be cooled (she would be content) and she should not grieve. And you had killed someone. Then We had delivered you from the grief (distress) and We tried you with various trials. Then you stayed for years among the people of Madyan. Then you came here as your destiny (within the decreed time), O Moses!
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20/Ta-Ha-41: And I have chosen you (as a Prophet) for Myself and brought you up.
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20/Ta-Ha-42: Go you and your brother with My Verses (Miracles) and do not, slacken and become weak in My Remembrance (be in a continuous Dhikr).
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20/Ta-Ha-43: Go both to Pharaoh, surely he exceeded the limits.
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20/Ta-Ha-44: Then speak to him with gentle words. So that he may deliberate (understand) or have reverence.
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20/Ta-Ha-45: (Both) said: “Our Lord! Surely we fear that he may exceed the limit against us (exaggerate) or that he may become inordinate”.
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20/Ta-Ha-46: (Allah) said: “You both don’t be afraid! Surely I am with you both; I do hear and see”.
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20/Ta-Ha-47: So go you both to him and say: “Surely we are two Messengers of your Lord. Therefore send the Children of Israel with us and do not torment them! Indeed we have brought to you a Verse (Miracle) from your Lord, and peace is on those who follow Hidayet”.
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20/Ta-Ha-48: Surely it has been revealed to us that the torment will surely come upon those who deny and turn their backs.
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20/Ta-Ha-49: (Pharaoh) said: “And who is the Lord of you two, O Moses”?
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20/Ta-Ha-50: (Moses) said: “Our Lord is He Who gives to everything its creation, then delivers to Hidayet”.
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20/Ta-Ha-51: (Pharaoh) said: “Then, what is the state of the former generations”?
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