Al-Mu'minun 105-118, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-18, Page-349)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-18 » Page-349
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Al-Mu'minun: 23/Al-Mu'minun-105, 23/Al-Mu'minun-106, 23/Al-Mu'minun-107, 23/Al-Mu'minun-108, 23/Al-Mu'minun-109, 23/Al-Mu'minun-110, 23/Al-Mu'minun-111, 23/Al-Mu'minun-112, 23/Al-Mu'minun-113, 23/Al-Mu'minun-114, 23/Al-Mu'minun-115, 23/Al-Mu'minun-116, 23/Al-Mu'minun-117, 23/Al-Mu'minun-118, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-18, Page-349, Al-Mu'minun 105-118
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23/Al-Mu'minun-105: Were not you who used to deny (belie) My Verses when they were recited to you?
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23/Al-Mu'minun-106: They said: “Our Lord! Our adversity overcame us and we were a people who were in Misguidance”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-107: Our Lord! Take us out of it (Hell); then if we turn away, surely we shall be “zalimûn” (wrongdoers, unjust).
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23/Al-Mu'minun-108: He said: “Stay in there and do not say (anything) to Me”!
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23/Al-Mu'minun-109: Surely a party of my servants say: “Our Lord! We believed (We wished to reach You before death) so forgive us and have mercy on us (Manifest upon us with Your Most Merciful attribute) and you are the Best of the Merciful.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-110: But you took them for a mockery that this made you forget My remembrance (Dhikr) and you used to laugh at them.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-111: Surely I have rewarded them this Day, because they were patient that they have attained Salvation.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-112: He said: “How many years did you stay on earth”?
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23/Al-Mu'minun-113: They said: “We stayed a day or a part of a day. Ask of those who kept account”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-114: He said: “You stayed but a little, if you had only known”!
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23/Al-Mu'minun-115: Did you then think that We had created you in vain (without any purpose) and that you shall not be returned to Us?
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23/Al-Mu'minun-116: So Exalted be Allah, the True King. There is no god but He. The Lord of the Noble (Honorable) non-existence.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-117: And whoever worships Allah with another god, even though he has no proof, then his reckoning is only with his Lord. Surely the disbelievers shall not have Salvation.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-118: And say: “My Lord! Forgive (change our evil deeds into merits) and have mercy (Manifest upon us with Your Most Merciful attribute) and You are the Best of the Merciful”.
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