Al-Mu'minun 28-42, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-18, Page-344)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-18 » Page-344
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Al-Mu'minun: 23/Al-Mu'minun-28, 23/Al-Mu'minun-29, 23/Al-Mu'minun-30, 23/Al-Mu'minun-31, 23/Al-Mu'minun-32, 23/Al-Mu'minun-33, 23/Al-Mu'minun-34, 23/Al-Mu'minun-35, 23/Al-Mu'minun-36, 23/Al-Mu'minun-37, 23/Al-Mu'minun-38, 23/Al-Mu'minun-39, 23/Al-Mu'minun-40, 23/Al-Mu'minun-41, 23/Al-Mu'minun-42, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-18, Page-344, Al-Mu'minun 28-42
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23/Al-Mu'minun-28: Then when you are embarked in the Ark, you and those with you should say: “All praise is due to Allah who delivered us from the people who are wrong-doers (oppressors)”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-29: And say: “My Lord, cause me disembark in such a blessed disembarking, and You are the Best to disembark”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-30: Most surely there are Signs in this, and most surely We are ever testing.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-31: Then We created after them another generation.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-32: So We sent among them a Messenger that is from them, to become servants to Allah. You have no deity other than Him. Will you not then have piety (will you not then wish to reach Allah before death)?
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23/Al-Mu'minun-33: And the leaders of his people who disbelieved and belied meeting Allah before death, whom We had given plenty to enjoy in this world’s life, said: “This is but a human being like yourselves, eating of what you eat from and drinking of what you drink”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-34: And if you obey a human like yourselves, then most surely you will be one of those who have fallen into Loss (Husran).
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23/Al-Mu'minun-35: Does he promise you that when you are dead and become dust and bones, you shall then be brought forth (from dust)?
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23/Al-Mu'minun-36: Pity, very pity is that which you are promised.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-37: It (that life) is not but our life of this world! We die and we live! And we shall not be raised again.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-38: He (Messenger) is only a man who has forged a lie against Allah, and we are not to believe in him.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-39: (The Messenger) said: “My Lord! Help me because they belie me”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-40: (Allah said): “In a little (while) they will most certainly be regretful”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-41: Then the Saihah (a terrible sound wave, shriek) overtook them rightfully (as they deserved), and We made them particles. Then away with the people (from the Mercy of Allah) who are wrong-doers!
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23/Al-Mu'minun-42: Then, after them, We created other generations.
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