Al-Mu'minun 90-104, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-18, Page-348)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-18 » Page-348
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Al-Mu'minun: 23/Al-Mu'minun-90, 23/Al-Mu'minun-91, 23/Al-Mu'minun-92, 23/Al-Mu'minun-93, 23/Al-Mu'minun-94, 23/Al-Mu'minun-95, 23/Al-Mu'minun-96, 23/Al-Mu'minun-97, 23/Al-Mu'minun-98, 23/Al-Mu'minun-99, 23/Al-Mu'minun-100, 23/Al-Mu'minun-101, 23/Al-Mu'minun-102, 23/Al-Mu'minun-103, 23/Al-Mu'minun-104, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-18, Page-348, Al-Mu'minun 90-104
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23/Al-Mu'minun-90: Nay! We have brought them the truth, and most surely they are liars.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-91: Never did Allah take a son and never is there with Him any (other) god. Otherwise would each god have certainly taken away what he created and some of them would raise themselves above others. Glory be to Allah above what they describe (of Him).
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23/Al-Mu'minun-92: (He is the) Knower of the Unseen and the seen. And He is Exalted above what they associate (with Him).
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23/Al-Mu'minun-93: Say: “My Lord! If you should make me see what they are promised”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-94: My Lord! Then do not leave me amongst the people who are wrongdoers.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-95: And most surely We are Well Able to make you see what We have promised them.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-96: Repel evil with what is best. We know best what they describe.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-97: And say: “My Lord! I seek refuge in you from the whispers of the satans”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-98: And I seek refuge in you, my Lord, for them to be present with me.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-99: When death came unto one of them, he said: “My Lord, send me back”.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-100: That (if you send me back) I may do improving deeds (that purify the soul) in that, which I have left. It is a (vain) word that he speaks, and behind them there is a barrier until the Day they will be raised.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-101: So when the Trumpet is blown on the Day of Permission, there shall be no ties of relationship (lineage), nor shall they greet each other.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-102: Then, those whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy, they are in.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-103: And those whose scales (of good deeds) are light, they are those who fail their souls into loss, in Hell will they abide forever.
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23/Al-Mu'minun-104: The Fire shall scorch their faces that are sullen therein.
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