Al-A'raf 74-81, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-8, Page-160)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-8 » Page-160
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Al-A'raf: 7/Al-A'raf-74, 7/Al-A'raf-75, 7/Al-A'raf-76, 7/Al-A'raf-77, 7/Al-A'raf-78, 7/Al-A'raf-79, 7/Al-A'raf-80, 7/Al-A'raf-81, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-8, Page-160, Al-A'raf 74-81
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7/Al-A'raf-74: And remember (He) made you successors after Aad and settled you in the earth. You make palaces on its plains and carve out houses in the mountains. So remember the Blessings of Allah and do not act corruptly in the land, making mischief.
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7/Al-A'raf-75: The eminent of those who behaved proudly among his people said to those who believed from among them who were considered weak: “Do you know that Sâlih is sent by his Lord”? (They) said: “Surely we are the believers in what he has been sent with”.
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7/Al-A'raf-76: Those who were haughty said: “Surely we are the deniers of what you believe in”.
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7/Al-A'raf-77: So they slaughtered the (she) camel and revolted against their Lord’s Commandment (crossed the line) and they said: “O Sâlih! Bring us what you promised us (the torment), if you are a sent Messenger”.
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7/Al-A'raf-78: So the earthquake seized them and they remained kneeled down in their lands.
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7/Al-A'raf-79: Then (Sâlih) turned away from them and said: “O my people, I did certainly deliver to you the Message of my Lord and I counseled you, but you do not love the counselors”.
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7/Al-A'raf-80: And Lot said to his people: “What! Do you bring an indecency (wickedness) which any one has not brought before you in the Worlds”?
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7/Al-A'raf-81: Most surely you also come to males besides females. No, you are indeed a wasteful people (transgressing the bounds).
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