Al-A'raf 12-22, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-8, Page-152)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-8 » Page-152
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Al-A'raf: 7/Al-A'raf-12, 7/Al-A'raf-13, 7/Al-A'raf-14, 7/Al-A'raf-15, 7/Al-A'raf-16, 7/Al-A'raf-17, 7/Al-A'raf-18, 7/Al-A'raf-19, 7/Al-A'raf-20, 7/Al-A'raf-21, 7/Al-A'raf-22, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-8, Page-152, Al-A'raf 12-22
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7/Al-A'raf-12: (Allah) said: “What prevented you that you did not prostrate yourself, when I commanded you (to prostrate yourself)”? Iblîs (Lucifer) said: “I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay”.
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7/Al-A'raf-13: (Allah) said: “Then get down from there, for it does not befit you to behave arrogantly therein. Go forth right away. Surely you are of the abject ones”.
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7/Al-A'raf-14: (Lucifer) said: “Reprieve me until the Day when they are resurrected”.
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7/Al-A'raf-15: (Allah) said: “Surely You are of the reprieved ones”.
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7/Al-A'raf-16: (Lucifer) said: “As You have exacerbated me, I will certainly sit in against them (to stop them) on Your Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed towards Allah)”.
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7/Al-A'raf-17: Then I will certainly come to them from before them and from behind them and from their right-hand side and from their left-hand side; and You shall not find most of them thankful.
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7/Al-A'raf-18: (Allah) said: “Get out from there, despised, driven away”! Whoever of them follows (depends on) you, I will certainly fill Hell with you all.
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7/Al-A'raf-19: And O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in Heaven; so eat from where you both wish. And do not approach this tree, for then you (both) will be of the wrong-doers.
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7/Al-A'raf-20: Then Satan whispered suggestions to them to make manifest to them what had been hidden from them and he said: “Your Lord has not forbidden you this tree except that you should become angels or become of the immortals”.
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7/Al-A'raf-21: And (Satan) swore by Allah to them both: ‘Most surely I am one of the sincere advisers for you both’.
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7/Al-A'raf-22: Thus did he mislead them by a deceit. When they tasted (the fruit) of the tree, their private parts became manifest to them, and they both began to cover themselves with the leaves of the Garden; and their Lord called out to them: “Did I not forbid you both from that tree and say to you: ‘Assuredly Satan is an open enemy’”?
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