At-Taghabun 10-18, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-28, Page-557)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-28 » Page-557
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At-Taghabun: 64/At-Taghabun-10, 64/At-Taghabun-11, 64/At-Taghabun-12, 64/At-Taghabun-13, 64/At-Taghabun-14, 64/At-Taghabun-15, 64/At-Taghabun-16, 64/At-Taghabun-17, 64/At-Taghabun-18, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-28, Page-557, At-Taghabun 10-18
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64/At-Taghabun-10: Those who disbelieve and belie Our Verses; they are the inmates of the Fire, to abide therein (hell) forever. And how evil (it is) as a destination.
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64/At-Taghabun-11: No calamity befalls except by the Permission of Allah. And whoever believes in Allah, (Allah) reaches to his heart, and Allah is All-Knower of everything.
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64/At-Taghabun-12: And obey Allah and obey the Messenger. If you still turn away, then the responsibility upon Our Messenger is only the conveyance.
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64/At-Taghabun-13: Allah! There is no deity but He. And therefore let the believers put their trust in Allah.
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64/At-Taghabun-14: O you who believe (who wish to reach Allah before death)! Surely from among your wives and your children there are enemies to you. Therefore stay away from them. And if you pardon and overlook and forgive, then surely Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.
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64/At-Taghabun-15: Yet, your wealth and children are only a mischief (trial), and Allah it is with Whom (in His Presence) is the Greatest Reward.
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64/At-Taghabun-16: So have piety towards Allah as much as you can (at a highest level you can). Hear and obey! And spend as it is better for you; and whoever may save himself from the greediness of his soul, then these it is that have reached Salvation.
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64/At-Taghabun-17: If you lend Allah a beautiful loan, He pays it back to you in multitudes and forgives you. And Allah is the Thanked One (and the One Who is Responsive to those who give thanks), the Most Gentle.
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64/At-Taghabun-18: All-Knower of the Unseen and what is witnessed (the Seen). He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.
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