The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-28, Page-554), Al-Jumu'ah 9-11, Al-Munafiqun 1-4

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-28 » Page-554
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Al-Jumu'ah: 62/Al-Jumu'ah-9, 62/Al-Jumu'ah-10, 62/Al-Jumu'ah-11, Al-Munafiqun: 63/Al-Munafiqun-1, 63/Al-Munafiqun-2, 63/Al-Munafiqun-3, 63/Al-Munafiqun-4, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-28, Page-554, Al-Jumu'ah 9-11, Al-Munafiqun 1-4
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62/Al-Jumu'ah-9: O you who believe (who wish to reach Allah before death)! When the call is made for the prayer on Friday, immediately hasten to Dhikr (the remembrance) of Allah, and leave off trading. This is better for you, if you did but know!
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62/Al-Jumu'ah-10: Now when you are done with the prayer, disperse in the land and seek of Allah’s Virtue, and remember Allah much (repeat the Name of Allah much). It is hoped that you may have Salvation.
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62/Al-Jumu'ah-11: And when they saw trading or amusement, they turned and dispersed to it, and left you standing. Say: “What in the Presence of Allah is better than any amusement and trading, and Allah is the Best of the sustainers.


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63/Al-Munafiqun-1: When the hypocrites came to you, they said: “We bear witness that you are most surely Allah’s Messenger indeed”. And Allah knows that you are most surely His Messenger indeed. And Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars.
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63/Al-Munafiqun-2: They took their oaths a shelter, thus they diverted (and made others divert) from the Way of Allah. Surely evil is that which they have done.
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63/Al-Munafiqun-3: This is because they have believed (they have reached Hidayet after wishing to reach Allah before death and rendered their spirits to Allah) then have disbelieved. Therefore top of their hearts is sealed. They can no longer understand (comprehend).
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63/Al-Munafiqun-4: And when you see them, their outer appearance astounds you, and if they speak, you listen to their speech, yet they are like propped-up beams of timber against a wall. They deem every shout (noise) to be against them. They are the enemy, therefore beware of them. May Allah destroy them, how are they made to turn away?
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