Ar-Rum 33-41, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-21, Page-408)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-21 » Page-408
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Ar-Rum: 30/Ar-Rum-33, 30/Ar-Rum-34, 30/Ar-Rum-35, 30/Ar-Rum-36, 30/Ar-Rum-37, 30/Ar-Rum-38, 30/Ar-Rum-39, 30/Ar-Rum-40, 30/Ar-Rum-41, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-21, Page-408, Ar-Rum 33-41
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30/Ar-Rum-33: And when a calamity touches mankind, they call upon their Lord, turning to Him. Then when He makes them taste Mercy from Him (when He causes them to reach Hidayet with His Name of the Most Merciful), some of them begin to associate (other things) with their Lord (they fall into Misguidance while they were in Hidayet).
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30/Ar-Rum-34: Let them deny what We have given them, so enjoy yourselves (benefit themselves). They will soon come to know.
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30/Ar-Rum-35: Or, have We sent down upon them an authority (a proof, a Book) so that it (the Book) speaks to them to associate with Him (Allah)?
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30/Ar-Rum-36: And when We make people taste Mercy, they rejoice (they get spoiled) in it and if an evil befalls them for what their hands have sent forth, they are in despair!
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30/Ar-Rum-37: Did they not see that Allah enlarges the provision for whom He wills and restricts (it for whom He wills)? Most surely there are Signs in this for a people who believe.
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30/Ar-Rum-38: Therefore give to the near of kin and to the needy and to the wayfarer their righteous due. This is better for those who yearn for Allah s Face (who wish to reach Allah) and these it is who reach Salvation.
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30/Ar-Rum-39: And whatever you lay out as usury in order that it may increase on people’s property (Dhikr you do without wishing to reach Allah while you are living), it shall not increase in the Presence of Allah (it does not bring the glorious lights in to your souls hearts and does not increase them). Whatever you give in Zakat (Dhikir you do) seeking Allah’s Face (seeking to reach Allah), it is these that shall get manifold (increase the glorious lights in the souls’ hearts).
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30/Ar-Rum-40: Allah is He Who created you, then gave you sustenance (He gave you sustenance in the world’s life and filled your souls’ hearts with glorious lights). Then He will cause you to die, then bring you to life. Is there any of your associates (idols) who does anything of it? Glory be to Him, and exalted be He above what they associate (with Him).
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30/Ar-Rum-41: Mischief has appeared in the land and the sea because of what the hands of the mankind have earned, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return (turn to Allah)
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