As-Sajdah 12-20, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-21, Page-416)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-21 » Page-416
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As-Sajdah: 32/As-Sajdah-12, 32/As-Sajdah-13, 32/As-Sajdah-14, 32/As-Sajdah-15, 32/As-Sajdah-16, 32/As-Sajdah-17, 32/As-Sajdah-18, 32/As-Sajdah-19, 32/As-Sajdah-20, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-21, Page-416, As-Sajdah 12-20
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32/As-Sajdah-12: And if you only could see when the guilty hang down their heads before their Lord (and say): “Our Lord! We have seen and we have heard, therefore send us back (to the world), let us do improving deeds. Surely We became the ones who believe with certainty (We have been certain of the truth).
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32/As-Sajdah-13: And if We had willed, We would certainly have given to every soul its Hidayet (We would certainly have caused every soul to have Hidayet). But the Word from Me has been justified (indicating): “I will certainly fill Hell with the jinn and the mankind”.
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32/As-Sajdah-14: So taste (the torment of the Fire) because you forgot the meeting of this (reaching Allah) Day of yours. Surely We (too) forgot you. So taste the abiding torment for what you used to do.
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32/As-Sajdah-15: But those believe (Amenu) in Our Verses who, when they are reminded of them (Verses), fall down prostrate, and glorify their Lord with praise and they are not arrogant.
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32/As-Sajdah-16: They draw away their sides from (their) beds, they call upon their Lord in fear and in hope, and they give out of what We have given them as sustenance.
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32/As-Sajdah-17: So no soul (no one) knows what is hidden for them of that which will refresh the eyes, as a reward for what they used to do.
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32/As-Sajdah-18: Is he then who is a believer like him who is a transgressor? They are not equal.
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32/As-Sajdah-19: But for those who believe (who wish to reach Allah while they are living) and do improving deeds (do the soul’s cleansing), for them are heavens of Meva as offering for what they used to do.
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32/As-Sajdah-20: And as for those who transgress (who deviate from the right Way of Allah), their dwelling (shelter) is the Fire. Whenever they desire to go forth from it, they are brought (returned) back into it, and it is said to them: “Taste the torment of the Fire which you used to deny (belie)”.
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