Al-Ahzab 16-22, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-21, Page-420)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-21 » Page-420
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Al-Ahzab: 33/Al-Ahzab-16, 33/Al-Ahzab-17, 33/Al-Ahzab-18, 33/Al-Ahzab-19, 33/Al-Ahzab-20, 33/Al-Ahzab-21, 33/Al-Ahzab-22, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-21, Page-420, Al-Ahzab 16-22
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33/Al-Ahzab-16: Say: “Fleeing will not avail you if you flee from death or being killed. Then you will not be allowed to enjoy yourselves but a little while”.
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33/Al-Ahzab-17: Say: “Who can protect you from Allah if He wishes harm for you, or wishes mercy for you”? They can not find any friend or helper other than Allah.
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33/Al-Ahzab-18: Allah certainly knew those among you who hindered (the help to the Prophet) and those who said to their brethren: “Come to us”. And they do not come to the battle but a little.
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33/Al-Ahzab-19: They are stingy towards you. But when fear comes, then you see them looking at you, their eyes rolling like one fainting because of death. They smite you with sharp tongues (with harsh words). They are not the believers. Therefore Allah has made their deeds vain (null, fruitless) and this was ever easy to Allah.
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33/Al-Ahzab-20: They (disbelievers) think that the (enemy) armies are not gone and if the armies should come, they would wish that they were with the Arabs (leaking in) asking for news about you, and if they were among you, they would not fight but a little.
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33/Al-Ahzab-21: Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes to reach Allah and the Last Day (the day of reaching Allah before death) and remember (repeat the Name of) Allah much.
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33/Al-Ahzab-22: And when the believers saw the (enemy) armies, they said: “This (victory) is what Allah and His Messenger promised. Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth”. And this only increased them in Faith and Submission.
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