As-Sajdah 21-30, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-21, Page-417)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-21 » Page-417
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As-Sajdah: 32/As-Sajdah-21, 32/As-Sajdah-22, 32/As-Sajdah-23, 32/As-Sajdah-24, 32/As-Sajdah-25, 32/As-Sajdah-26, 32/As-Sajdah-27, 32/As-Sajdah-28, 32/As-Sajdah-29, 32/As-Sajdah-30, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-21, Page-417, As-Sajdah 21-30
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32/As-Sajdah-21: And most certainly We will make them taste of the nearer torment before the greater torment. It is hoped that haply they may turn (to Allah by wishing to reach Him).
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32/As-Sajdah-22: And who can be more wrong-doing than he who is reminded of the Verses of his Lord, then he turns away from them? Surely We are the Ones who shall take vengeance from the guilty.
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32/As-Sajdah-23: And certainly We gave a Book to Moses. After that be not in doubt about meeting with Him (about having your spirit reach Allah while you are living) and We made it (the Torah) a guide of Hidayet (that which makes men reach Allah) for the Children of Israel.
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32/As-Sajdah-24: And We made of them Imams (religious leaders) who make (mankind) attain to Hidayet by Our Command when they were the owners of Patience and believed with certainty (at the level of the true Certainty).
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32/As-Sajdah-25: Surely your Lord will distinguish (judge) between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they used to differ.
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32/As-Sajdah-26: Did not He deliver them to Hidayet? How many of the generations We have destroyed before them. They have been walking about in their dwellings (they used to be). Most surely there are Signs (lessons) in this will they not then hear?
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32/As-Sajdah-27: Have they not seen how We drive water to the dry land? Then We bring forth thereby crops, from that their cattle and they eat. Will they not then see?
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32/As-Sajdah-28: And they say: “When is the conquest, if you are truthful”?
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32/As-Sajdah-29: Say: “On the Day of conquest the faith of those who disbelieve (who did not wish to reach Allah) will not profit them, nor will they be given time”.
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32/As-Sajdah-30: Therefore turn away from them and wait. Surly they too are awaiting.
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