Al-Anbiya 73-81, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-17, Page-328)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-17 » Page-328
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Al-Anbiya: 21/Al-Anbiya-73, 21/Al-Anbiya-74, 21/Al-Anbiya-75, 21/Al-Anbiya-76, 21/Al-Anbiya-77, 21/Al-Anbiya-78, 21/Al-Anbiya-79, 21/Al-Anbiya-80, 21/Al-Anbiya-81, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-17, Page-328, Al-Anbiya 73-81
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21/Al-Anbiya-73: And We made them Imams (religious leaders) who deliver (people) to Hidayet (have the spirits reach Allah before death) by Our Command and We revealed to them the doing of good deeds and the keeping up of the Prayer and the giving of the alms (Az-zakat) and to Us did they become servants.
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21/Al-Anbiya-74: And to Lot We gave Wisdom and Knowledge and We delivered him from the country which practiced abominations. Surely they were a transgressing evil people.
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21/Al-Anbiya-75: And We made him enter into Our Mercy. Surely he is of the Sâlihîn (the pure ones).
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21/Al-Anbiya-76: And Noah (Nûh) had cried (prayed) aforetime. So We answered him, and delivered him and his followers from a great distress.
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21/Al-Anbiya-77: And We helped him against a people who belied Our Verses. Surely they became an evil people, so We drowned them all.
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21/Al-Anbiya-78: And David and Solomon were giving judgment concerning the field when the people’s sheep pastured (without a shepherd) therein by night, and We were Bearer of Witness to their judgment.
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21/Al-Anbiya-79: So We made Solomon (Sulaiman) to understand it (the judgment) and to each one We gave Wisdom and Knowledge. And We subjected the mountains and the birds glorifying (in order that they should glorify) along with David (Davûd). And We were the Doer (of all these things).
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21/Al-Anbiya-80: And We taught him the making of coats (armory) for you, that you might protect you during your battles. Then, are you the ones who are grateful?
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21/Al-Anbiya-81: And for Solomon was the wind blowing violent. It flowed by His Command towards the land which We had blessed, and We are the All-Knowing of all things.
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