Al-Anbiya 58-72, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-17, Page-327)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-17 » Page-327
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Al-Anbiya: 21/Al-Anbiya-58, 21/Al-Anbiya-59, 21/Al-Anbiya-60, 21/Al-Anbiya-61, 21/Al-Anbiya-62, 21/Al-Anbiya-63, 21/Al-Anbiya-64, 21/Al-Anbiya-65, 21/Al-Anbiya-66, 21/Al-Anbiya-67, 21/Al-Anbiya-68, 21/Al-Anbiya-69, 21/Al-Anbiya-70, 21/Al-Anbiya-71, 21/Al-Anbiya-72, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-17, Page-327, Al-Anbiya 58-72
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21/Al-Anbiya-58: Then he broke them into pieces, except the large one of them, that haply they may return to it.
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21/Al-Anbiya-59: They said: “Who has done this to our gods? Most surely he is one of the wrong-doers”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-60: They said: “We heard a youth called Abraham speak of them”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-61: They said: “Then bring him before the eyes of the people, perhaps they may bear witness”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-62: They said: “Have you done this to our gods, Abraham”?
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21/Al-Anbiya-63: (Abraham) said: “Nay, this one, who is their chief has done it. Go ahead and ask them, if they (can) speak”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-64: So they turned to themselves and said: “Surely you yourselves are the wrong-doers”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-65: Then their heads were hang down (and they said to Abraham): “Certainly you know that they do not speak”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-66: (Abraham) said: “Do you still then serve besides Allah what does not bring you any benefit nor does it harm you at all”?
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21/Al-Anbiya-67: Fie on you and on what you worship besides Allah. Do you not then still use your intelligence”?
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21/Al-Anbiya-68: They said: “Burn him (Abraham) and help your gods, if you are going to do (anything)”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-69: We said: “O fire! Be cool and peaceful (safe) for Abraham”.
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21/Al-Anbiya-70: And they wished to snare him, but We caused them to fall into a greater Loss.
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21/Al-Anbiya-71: And We delivered him as well as Lot to the land which We had blessed within the worlds.
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21/Al-Anbiya-72: And We bestowed upon him Isaac and Jacob in addition and We made each of them Salihîn (the pure ones).
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