Al-Hajj 47-55, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-17, Page-338)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-17 » Page-338
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Al-Hajj: 22/Al-Hajj-47, 22/Al-Hajj-48, 22/Al-Hajj-49, 22/Al-Hajj-50, 22/Al-Hajj-51, 22/Al-Hajj-52, 22/Al-Hajj-53, 22/Al-Hajj-54, 22/Al-Hajj-55, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-17, Page-338, Al-Hajj 47-55
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22/Al-Hajj-47: And they ask you to hasten on the torment! And Allah never turns away from His promise, and surely a day with your Lord is like a thousand years of what you number.
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22/Al-Hajj-48: And I gave respite to it just like many countries that were wrong-doing (people), then I overtook (seized) it, and to Me is the return.
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22/Al-Hajj-49: Say: “O mankind! I am only a plain Warner to you”.
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22/Al-Hajj-50: For those who believe (those who wish to reach Allah before death) and do improving deeds (the soul’s cleansing), there is Forgiveness (the conversion of sins into merits) and a generous sustenance.
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22/Al-Hajj-51: And those who strive against Our signs to fail them, they shall be the inmates of the Flaming Fire (Ashabı Cehîm).
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22/Al-Hajj-52: And We did not send before you any Messenger and Prophet, but when he framed a desire (wish), Satan cast into his wish (falsehood), but Allah abrogates (abolishes) that which Satan throws in, then does Allah make firm His Verses and Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise (the Owner of Wisdom and Judgment).
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22/Al-Hajj-53: So that He may make what Satan casts a trial (mischief) for those in whose hearts is a disease and those whose hearts are hardened (and darkened). And surely the wrong-doers are in a remote opposition (far away from Sıratı Mustakîm).
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22/Al-Hajj-54: And that those who have been given the knowledge may know that it (what the Murshid/Saint guide, the Saint Messenger, the Prophet Messenger has said) is the truth from your Lord, so that they may believe in Him, that their hearts may comprehend Him (that their hearts be satisfied as the Ekinnet/Covering is replaced with Ihbat in their hearts). And most surely Allah is the One who guides those who believe (are âmenû, who wish to reach Allah) to Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed to Allah).
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22/Al-Hajj-55: And those who disbelieve shall not cease to be in doubt about it until the Hour comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the torment of the day whose goal cannot be attained (of the day of death).
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