Al Imran 78-83, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-3, Page-60)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-3 » Page-60
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Al Imran: 3/Al Imran-78, 3/Al Imran-79, 3/Al Imran-80, 3/Al Imran-81, 3/Al Imran-82, 3/Al Imran-83, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-3, Page-60, Al Imran 78-83
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3/Al Imran-78: And most surely there is a party of them (people of the Book) who distort the Book with their tongues that you may consider it to be of the Book and it is not from the Book and they say that it is from Allah even though it is not from Allah; and they speak a lie against Allah knowingly.
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3/Al Imran-79: It is not (possible) for any human being that Allah should give him the Book and the Wisdom and the Prophet-hood, then he should say to the mankind: “Be servants to me apart from Allah” but rather say: ‘as learned men of religion by virtue of your constant study and teaching of the Book onto others’, “be Godly servants” (devote yourselves to God)”.
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3/Al Imran-80: And neither would He enjoin you that you should take the angels and the prophets for lords; what! Would He enjoin you with the unbelief after you became Muslimûn (submitted ones).
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3/Al Imran-81: When Allah took the Covenant of the Prophets, (He said): “I have given you the Book and the Wisdom, then a Rasul (Messenger) comes to you confirming that which is with you (Books Allah had given to you), you must definitely believe in him and you must definitely help him”. Allah said: “Do you agree and accept (My Oath)”? (They) said: “We agree”. (Allah) said: “Then bear witness and I am of the bearers of witness with you”.
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3/Al Imran-82: Whoever therefore turns back after this (denies the Messenger that will come after the Prophets), they are the Fâsiqûn (those who are not in the Way of Allah or have gone out of it, transgressors).
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3/Al Imran-83: Is it then other than Allah’s Religion that they seek? And to Him submit whoever is in the heavens and in the earth willingly and unwillingly, and to Him shall they be returned.
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