Al Imran 71-77, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-3, Page-59)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-3 » Page-59
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Al Imran: 3/Al Imran-71, 3/Al Imran-72, 3/Al Imran-73, 3/Al Imran-74, 3/Al Imran-75, 3/Al Imran-76, 3/Al Imran-77, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-3, Page-59, Al Imran 71-77
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3/Al Imran-71: O People of the Book! Why do you mix the truth with the falsehood and knowingly conceal the truth?
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3/Al Imran-72: And a party of the People of the Book say: “Believe in the morning in that which has been sent down to those who believe (who are âmenû) and disbelieve in (deny, reject) it in the evening, so that they may turn away (from their faith, their religion)”.
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3/Al Imran-73: And (the people of the Book) said: “Do not believe but in him who follows your religion”. (My beloved) say: “Surely the Hidayet is reaching Allah (spirit’s returning back to Allah before death)”. Someone to be given, similar of what you were given. Are they contending with you before your Lord? Say: “Surely all the Virtue is in the Hand of Allah. He gives it to whom He wills and Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing”.
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3/Al Imran-74: He assigns His Mercy to whom He wills and Allah is the Owner of Great Virtue.
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3/Al Imran-75: Of the People of the Book is he who, if entrusted with a heap (of gold), will readily return it back; and of them there is he who, if entrusted a single silver coin, will not repay it unless you constantly stand demanding, because they say: “There is upon us no way (no responsibility) about the illiterates”.
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3/Al Imran-76: No, (it is not so)! Whoever fulfils his covenant (made with Allah) and has piety (Takwâ), verily, then Allah loves the pious (the owners of takwâ).
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3/Al Imran-77: Verily, those who purchase a small gain at the cost of Allah’s Covenant and their oaths, it is they for whom there will be no portion in the Hereafter and Allah will not speak to them and He will not look at them on the Day of Resurrection. And will not exonerate them and for them there is a painful torment.
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