Al-Ahqaf 21-28, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-26, Page-505)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-26 » Page-505
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Al-Ahqaf: 46/Al-Ahqaf-21, 46/Al-Ahqaf-22, 46/Al-Ahqaf-23, 46/Al-Ahqaf-24, 46/Al-Ahqaf-25, 46/Al-Ahqaf-26, 46/Al-Ahqaf-27, 46/Al-Ahqaf-28, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-26, Page-505, Al-Ahqaf 21-28
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46/Al-Ahqaf-21: Remember the brother of Âd (people)! He had warned his people in Al-Ahqâf. Many Warners passed before him and after him, saying: “Do not be a servant to any but Allah”! Surely I fear for the torment of a mighty day that is upon you.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-22: They said: “Have you come to us to turn us away from our gods? Then bring us the thing (torment) that you promised us with, if you are of the truthful ones”.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-23: He said: “The knowledge (of that torment) is only in the Presence of Allah, and I convey to you that with which I have been sent. But I see you a people who are ignorant”.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-24: When they saw it (the torment) as a dense cloud coming towards their valley, they said: “This is a cloud which will give us rain”. Nay, that what you sought to hasten on is a wind in which is a painful torment.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-25: It destroys everything by the Command of its Lord. So, in the morning nothing could be seen except their dwellings. This is how We punish a guilty nation.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-26: And certainly We have given them opportunities which We even did not give you. And We have given them the senses of hearing, seeing and comprehending. But their senses of hearing and seeing did not avail them. And their comprehension did not avail them either. They were denying the Verses of Allah knowingly and that which they mocked at encompassed them.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-27: And certainly We destroyed many of the towns which are around you, and We have explained the Verses so that they might turn.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-28: Should not what they had taken for gods other than Allah, as a way of approach, help them? Nay! They (the idols) strayed (stood) away from them. This is their lies and what they forged.
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