Al-Ahqaf 15-20, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-26, Page-504)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-26 » Page-504
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Al-Ahqaf: 46/Al-Ahqaf-15, 46/Al-Ahqaf-16, 46/Al-Ahqaf-17, 46/Al-Ahqaf-18, 46/Al-Ahqaf-19, 46/Al-Ahqaf-20, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-26, Page-504, Al-Ahqaf 15-20
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46/Al-Ahqaf-15: And We have enjoined on mankind to treat their parents with kindness. With hardship did his mother carry him and with hardship did she bring him forth. And the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months. Finally when he attained his maturity (his full strength) he was forty years old. He said: “My Lord! Make me successful in giving thanks for Your Blessings which You have bestowed on me and on my parents and in doing improving deeds (cleansing of soul) which You are pleased with, and ameliorate my offspring. Surely I turned to you in repentance and surely I am of those who surrendered (to You)”.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-16: These are they from whom We accept what they have done in a best way (We give them up to 700 degrees for 1 good deed) and pass over their evil deeds (We blot them out and change them into rewards). They are among the dwellers of heaven. What they have been promised is a true promise.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-17: And he said to his parents: “Fie on you (I am fed up with you both), do you imply that I shall be taken out, whereas many generations have passed away before me”? And they both calling for Allah’s help (said): “Woe to you (You are harming yourself)! Believe, surely the Promise of Allah is true”. Upon that (he) said: “This is nothing but tales of the ancients”.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-18: These are they against whom the Word (of torment) is justified among the nations of the jinn and the human that have already passed away before them. Surely they are the ones in Loss (Husrân).
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46/Al-Ahqaf-19: And for all are degrees according to what they did, that they may be paid back and they shall not be wronged.
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46/Al-Ahqaf-20: And on that Day when the disbelievers are exposed to the Fire: “You consumed your good things (according to you) in your lifetime and you enjoyed them. So this Day you shall be punished with the torment of abasement because you were proud in the land without any right and because you used to transgress”.
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