Al-Ahzab 36-43, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-22, Page-423)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-22 » Page-423
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Al-Ahzab: 33/Al-Ahzab-36, 33/Al-Ahzab-37, 33/Al-Ahzab-38, 33/Al-Ahzab-39, 33/Al-Ahzab-40, 33/Al-Ahzab-41, 33/Al-Ahzab-42, 33/Al-Ahzab-43, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-22, Page-423, Al-Ahzab 36-43
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33/Al-Ahzab-36: And it is not for a believing man or a believing woman to have any choice in their affair when Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair for them. And whoever is rebellious (disobedient) to Allah and His Messenger, indeed strayed into a plain Misguidance.
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33/Al-Ahzab-37: And you had said to the person on whom Allah has bestowed Blessings and you have blessed as well: “Keep your wife (to yourself and do not divorce) and have piety towards Allah”. You were hiding in your soul (yourself) that which Allah will make manifest and you were afraid of the people. Allah has a better right that you should fear Him. So when Zaid had abscised his desire from her, We married her to you, so that there may be no difficulty to the believers in respect of (the marriage of) the wives of their adopted sons when the latter have no desire to keep them (they have divorced them). (So) Allah’s Command had been fulfilled.
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33/Al-Ahzab-38: There is no difficulty for the Prophet in (fulfilling) what Allah has ordained for him. That has been the Sunnetallah (Course of Allah). Allah’s command was a decreed destiny (that is fulfilled).
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33/Al-Ahzab-39: They (the Prophets) convey the Message of Allah and are in reverence towards Him, and do not fear any but Allah. And Allah is Sufficient as a Reckoner.
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33/Al-Ahzab-40: Muhammed is not the father of any of your men. But he is the (Resul) Messenger of Allah and the Seal (the Last) of the Nebis (Prophets). Allah is Ever All-Knower of all things.
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33/Al-Ahzab-41: O you who believe (who are Amenû, who wish to reach Allah while they are living)! Remember (repeat the Name of) Allah with much remembrance (more than half of the day).
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33/Al-Ahzab-42: And glorify Him morning and evening.
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33/Al-Ahzab-43: It is He Who sends (by means of the glorious light of) benedictions on you, and (along with) His angels, that He may bring you (your soul s heart) forth out of utter darkness into the enlightenment, and He is Most Merciful to the believers (He manifests Himself with His Name of Most Merciful).
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