The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-20, Page-385), An-Naml 89-93, Al-Qasas 1-5

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-20 » Page-385
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An-Naml: 27/An-Naml-89, 27/An-Naml-90, 27/An-Naml-91, 27/An-Naml-92, 27/An-Naml-93, Al-Qasas: 28/Al-Qasas-1, 28/Al-Qasas-2, 28/Al-Qasas-3, 28/Al-Qasas-4, 28/Al-Qasas-5, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-20, Page-385, An-Naml 89-93, Al-Qasas 1-5
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27/An-Naml-89: Whoever comes with good deeds (as their good deeds are more than their evil deeds), then for him there is (heaven) better than it. And they are the ones who are secure from terror on that Day of Permission (that they will not be going to hell).
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27/An-Naml-90: Whoever comes with evil deeds (as their evil deeds are more than their good deeds), they (shall) be thrown down on their faces in the Fire. Are you being punished with anything except what you used to do?
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27/An-Naml-91: I am only commanded “to become a servant to the Lord”. This city that He (Allah) has made it worthy of respect, and His are all things. And I am commanded that I should be of those who are submitted.
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27/An-Naml-92: And say: “That I should recite the Qur an. Whoever reaches Hidayet, reaches Hidayet for his own soul. And whoever remains in Misguidance, then say: I am only of the Warners”.
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27/An-Naml-93: And say: “All Praises be to Allah. He will show you His Verses so that you shall recognize them”. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do.


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28/Al-Qasas-1: Tâ, Sîn, Mîm.
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28/Al-Qasas-2: These are the Verses of the Manifest Book (the Book that explains).
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28/Al-Qasas-3: We will recite to you from the news of Moses and Pharaoh with truth for a people who believe.
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28/Al-Qasas-4: Surely Pharaoh was in the land (a king in Egypt) and made its people into parties, weakening some among them (Jews), slaughtering their sons and letting their women live. Surely he was one of the mischief makers.
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28/Al-Qasas-5: And We wish(ed) to bestow a Blessing upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and make them the Imams (religious leaders) and make them the heirs.
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