Al-Qasas 36-43, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-20, Page-390)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-20 » Page-390
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Al-Qasas: 28/Al-Qasas-36, 28/Al-Qasas-37, 28/Al-Qasas-38, 28/Al-Qasas-39, 28/Al-Qasas-40, 28/Al-Qasas-41, 28/Al-Qasas-42, 28/Al-Qasas-43, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-20, Page-390, Al-Qasas 36-43
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28/Al-Qasas-36: So when Moses brought Our Clear Signs, they said: “This is nothing but forged enchantment, and we never heard of it from our fathers of old”.
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28/Al-Qasas-37: And Moses said: “My Lord knows best who comes with Hidayet from His Presence, and whose shall be the end of the worldly home. Surely the wrong-doers do not have to Salvation”.
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28/Al-Qasas-38: And Pharaoh said: “O notables! I do not know of any god for you other than me. Kindle a fire for me upon the clay (bake bricks out of clay). So set up for me a (high) tower so that I may obtain knowledge of Moses’ God, and most surely I deem him to be one of the liars”.
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28/Al-Qasas-39: And he and his army were unjustly arrogant in the earth, and they deemed that they would never be brought back to Us.
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28/Al-Qasas-40: Then We seized him and his army and cast them into the sea. So see how the end of the unjust was.
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28/Al-Qasas-41: And We made them Imams (religious leaders) who call to Fire, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall not be helped.
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28/Al-Qasas-42: And We caused the Curse to get to them behind them in this world. And on the Day of Resurrection they shall be of those made to stay away (from Allah s Mercy).
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28/Al-Qasas-43: And certainly We gave Moses the Book (Torah) after We had destroyed the former generations, being insights for men (that their hearts’ eyes to begin to sight) and a Hidayet and Mercy (that Allah should manifest Himself with His Name of Most Merciful). It is hoped that they might deliberate.
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