At-Tawbah 73-79, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-10, Page-199)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-10 » Page-199
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At-Tawbah: 9/At-Tawbah-73, 9/At-Tawbah-74, 9/At-Tawbah-75, 9/At-Tawbah-76, 9/At-Tawbah-77, 9/At-Tawbah-78, 9/At-Tawbah-79, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-10, Page-199, At-Tawbah 73-79
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9/At-Tawbah-73: O Nebî (Prophet)! Strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be unyielding to them. And their abode is Hell, and evil is the destination.
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9/At-Tawbah-74: They swear by Allah that they said nothing, and certainly they did say the word of disbelief and did disbelieve after their Islam and they had resolved to do that which they have not been able to reach and what they wanted to avenge was only this, that Allah and His Messenger enriched them out of His Virtue. Then if they repent, it will be better for them; and if they turn back (from faith), Allah will torment them with a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter. And there is none for them on earth as a friend or a helper.
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9/At-Tawbah-75: And there are those of them who made a covenant with Allah: “If He gives us out of His Virtue, we will certainly give alms and we will certainly be of the Sâlihîn (improved ones)”.
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9/At-Tawbah-76: But when He gave them out of His Virtue, they became niggardly of it (of what He gave them) and they turned away (from their covenant) and they withdrew.
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9/At-Tawbah-77: So He penalized them with hypocrisy in their hearts until the Day they will meet Him - because they failed Allah in what they promised Him and because they used to lie.
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9/At-Tawbah-78: Do they not know that Allah knows their secrets and their secret counsels? And Allah is the All-Knowing of the Unseen.
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9/At-Tawbah-79: They criticize the contributors among the believers concerning charities and the ones who find nothing except their effort, and scoff at them. Allah paid them back their scoffing, and for them there shall be a painful torment.
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