At-Tawbah 62-68, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-10, Page-197)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-10 » Page-197
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At-Tawbah: 9/At-Tawbah-62, 9/At-Tawbah-63, 9/At-Tawbah-64, 9/At-Tawbah-65, 9/At-Tawbah-66, 9/At-Tawbah-67, 9/At-Tawbah-68, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-10, Page-197, At-Tawbah 62-68
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9/At-Tawbah-62: They swear by Allah in order to please you, and Allah and His Messenger are more worthy for them to please, if they should be believers.
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9/At-Tawbah-63: Do they not know that whoever exceeds the limits against Allah and His Messenger, certainly for him will be the Fire of Hell to abide therein forever? That is the great abasement.
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9/At-Tawbah-64: The hypocrites fear lest a chapter (Surah) should be sent down to them telling them plainly of what is in their hearts. Say: “Go on mocking, surely Allah will bring forth what you fear”.
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9/At-Tawbah-65: And if you should question them, they would certainly say: “We were only idly discoursing and joking”. Say: “Is it Allah and His Verses and His Messenger that you were mocking”?
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9/At-Tawbah-66: Do not invent excuses. You have indeed disbelieved after your belief. If We pardon a party of you; We will torment (another) party because they are guilty.
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9/At-Tawbah-67: The hypocrite men and hypocrite women are of one another. They enjoin Al-Munkar (evil) and forbid from All-Ma’rûf (good) and withhold their hands (they act niggardly). They have forgotten Allah, so He has forgotten them. Indeed the hypocrites are Al-Fâsiqûn.
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9/At-Tawbah-68: Allah has promised the hypocrite men and hypocrite women and the disbelievers the fire of Hell to abide therein forever. It (hell) is enough for them. And Allah has cursed them and for them there is a lasting torment.
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