Al-Isra 87-96, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-15, Page-291)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-15 » Page-291
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Al-Isra: 17/Al-Isra-87, 17/Al-Isra-88, 17/Al-Isra-89, 17/Al-Isra-90, 17/Al-Isra-91, 17/Al-Isra-92, 17/Al-Isra-93, 17/Al-Isra-94, 17/Al-Isra-95, 17/Al-Isra-96, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-15, Page-291, Al-Isra 87-96
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17/Al-Isra-87: (This is) only a Mercy from your Lord. Surely His Virtue unto you is ever great.
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17/Al-Isra-88: Say: “If the mankind and the jinn should gather together to bring the like of this Qur’ân, they could not bring the like of it, though some of them were helpers of others.”
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17/Al-Isra-89: And certainly We have fully explained in this Qur’ân from every kind of issues (examples). Yet most people persisted only in disbelief with denial.
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17/Al-Isra-90: And they said: “We shall not believe in you until you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth for us”.
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17/Al-Isra-91: Or you should have a garden of date-palms and grapes in the midst of which you should cause the rivers to flow forth, gushing out.
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17/Al-Isra-92: Or you should cause the sky to come down upon us in pieces as you have claimed, or bring Allah and the angels before us.
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17/Al-Isra-93: Or you should have a house of gold or you should ascend up into the sky. We will not believe in your ascending until you bring down to us a book which we may read. Say: “Glory be to my Lord (He is excepted of missing attributes). Am I anything but a human Messenger?”
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17/Al-Isra-94: And nothing prevented them from believing when Hidayet came to them except that they said: “Has Allah sent a human Messenger?”
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17/Al-Isra-95: Say: “If there had been in the earth angels walking in satisfaction, We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as a Messenger.”
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17/Al-Isra-96: Say: “Allah suffices as a Witness between me and you”. Surely He is the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing of His servants.”
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