Yusuf 70-78, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-13, Page-244)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-13 » Page-244
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Yusuf: 12/Yusuf-70, 12/Yusuf-71, 12/Yusuf-72, 12/Yusuf-73, 12/Yusuf-74, 12/Yusuf-75, 12/Yusuf-76, 12/Yusuf-77, 12/Yusuf-78, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-13, Page-244, Yusuf 70-78
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12/Yusuf-70: So when he had furnished them forth with their provisions, he put the drinking cup into his brother’s saddle-bag. Then a crier shouted out: “O caravan! You are most surely thieves.”
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12/Yusuf-71: They said turning towards them: “What is it that you have lost?”
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12/Yusuf-72: (They) said: “We have lost the king’s drinking cup and he who shall bring it shall have a camel-load (of provision) and I guarantee this.”
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12/Yusuf-73: By Allah! You know for certain that we have not come to make mischief in the land, and we are not thieves.
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12/Yusuf-74: (They) said: “What shall be then the requital of this, if you are liars?”
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12/Yusuf-75: (They) said: “The requital of this is that he, in whose saddle-bag it is found, should be (held as a slave for) the requital of it. This is how we punish the wrongdoers.”
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12/Yusuf-76: So he began (the search) with their sacks before the sack of his brother, then he brought it out of his brother’s sack. Thus did We plan for Joseph. It was not (lawful) that he should take his brother under the king’s law unless Allah willed. We raise the degrees of whomsoever We will. And above every one possessed of knowledge is the All-Knowing.
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12/Yusuf-77: They said: “If he has stolen, a brother of his has also stolen before.” But Joseph kept it secret in his heart and did not disclose it to them. (He said): “You are in a worse case, and Allah is the Best Knower of what you describe.”
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12/Yusuf-78: (They) said: “O exalted sir, behold! He has a father, a very old man, so take (retain) one of us in his place. Surely we see you to be of the doers of good (Muhsinîn).”
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