Yusuf 23-30, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-12, Page-238)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-12 » Page-238
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Yusuf: 12/Yusuf-23, 12/Yusuf-24, 12/Yusuf-25, 12/Yusuf-26, 12/Yusuf-27, 12/Yusuf-28, 12/Yusuf-29, 12/Yusuf-30, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-12, Page-238, Yusuf 23-30
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12/Yusuf-23: The woman, in whose house he (Joseph) was, sought to seduce him. She closed the doors tightly and said: “Come on, you.” He said: “I take refuge in Allah. He is my Lord. He made good my abode. Surely, the wrong-doers cannot have Salvation.”
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12/Yusuf-24: And she surely desired him and he himself would have desired her, were it not that he had seen the manifest evidence of his Lord. This is how We turn away from him the evil and indecency. Surely he is one of our servants utterly purified (Muhlesîn).
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12/Yusuf-25: So they both raced to the door. (She) tore his shirt from the back and they met her husband at the door. (She) said: “What is the punishment of one who intends evil to your family except imprisonment or a painful torment?”
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12/Yusuf-26: (Joseph) said: “It was she who sought to seduce me. A witness of her own household bore witness. If his shirt is torn from the front, she speaks the truth and he is one of the liars.”
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12/Yusuf-27: And if his shirt is torn from the back, she tells a lie and he is one of the truthful.
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12/Yusuf-28: So when (her husband) saw his shirt torn from the back, he said: “Surely it is a plot of you women! Assuredly, your plot is great.”
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12/Yusuf-29: Joseph, turn aside from this. And you (woman) ask forgiveness for your sin. Surely you are one of the deliberate wrong-doers.
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12/Yusuf-30: And women in the city said: “The wife of Al-Azîz (vizier) seeks her slave to yield himself to her. Surely the love has penetrated into her heart. Most surely we see her in manifest error.”
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